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This is basically what you wanted all the time, amirite? You guys voted for Asian inspired burgers over and over again, making it the most popular burger variety at our beloved Burgers & Hip Hop since we started. So it was about time to devote an entire edition to this rather special breed of burgers: we’re going all Asian at the next Burgers & Hip Hop at Prince Charles on June 4th! Join us for a night of nori stuffed patties and coriander wrapped buns and enjoy them all with our Burger Feast ticket!

Seriously, Asian burgers proved so popular, how couldn’t we do a full-on Asian edition? We made sure to invite some new players, to give you that mango-kimchi-Doenjang-everything, here’s our flavor-packed line-up:

Filipino creations are coming from Ayan, Vietnamese sandwich art travels the extra mile with Banhmi Kitchen from Zürich, last time’s winner Bone Berlin creates a special Japanese burger with charcoal grilled prime beef, Teriyaki glaze, Tsukemono pickles, Wasabi mayo in a seaweed bun (and a marinated tofu version for the veggies!), Kreuzberg’s Chai Wallahs shows you how Indians do patty with 12 hour sous-vide pork belly, mango apple chutney, poppadom and paneer cheese (and a pay bun, potato patty and tomato chilli jam for the veggies :), Chilees represents the finest in South-Korean burger-art, and Son Kitchen makes sure to pack some extra Kimchi just for you! And we’ll announce a seventh vendor real, real soon!

To make things even more fun, we’re upping our dessert game, bringing you not only ice-cream sandwiches by Zwei Dicke Bären, but also ice cream floats by Ms Susan!


You wanna eat them all? There’s only one solution:

… The Burger Feast Ticket

This special pre-sale only ticket grants you priority entry for Burgers & Hip Hop – no waiting in line for you! Extra-special burger-funtimes: the ticket gives you half a burger from each of the seven vendors (either meat or vegetarian, your choice! Which in total is more than 3 burgers, a.k.a. a lot), PLUS an ice-cream sandwich by Zwei Dicke Bären for dessert and two beers fresh from the bar! Additionally two double-votes in the Berlin’s Best Burger Competition!

The ticket is valid till 18.00! Come Early! No refunds. No re-entry.

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