Preview: Breakfast Market Stil in Berlin Birthday Edition

What Das Brunch will be serving.

It’s almost time, you guys! The big birthday Breakfast Market feast celebrating this very blog’s 10th birthday is happening this Sunday at Markthalle Neun! Unless you follow me on Snapchat (find me as stilinberlin, obvs), you don’t yet know that I visited three of my breakfast superstars and photographed (and tested) what they’ll be serving on Sunday – just to make your mouths water a little more in anticipation. And it’s insanely delicious – they’ve certainly put in some passion and creativity to make sure we’re having meaty, vegetarian and vegan options you can’t find anywhere else in Berlin at this time of day. So get your stomachs ready and start drooling now:

stilinberlin Das Brunch-0010262
A close-up of what Das Brunch will be serving.

Das Brunch, known for its eclectic brunch plates filled with goodies heavily inspired by whatever product is fresh on the market plus avocado, lime and an organic poached egg, will be serving these with streaky bacon, pepper & bay leaf black beans, chili-­candied tomatoes, shaved zucchini & herb salad and a toasted piece of The Bread Station bread. The veggie version comes with spring onion potato rösti, lemon & rosé pepper ­marinated manouri cheese, chili-­candied tomatoes and shaved zucchini & herb salad. As delicious as expected of these brunch-experts. And don’t be shy to ask for the vegan option, which wasn’t finalized when we met for the shoot.

stilinberlin Little Joy-0010211

These pretty plates are created by Little Joy, who’ll be serving big delights with their breakfast ideas – choose the vegetarian version to enjoy white asparagus, new potatoes, house-made buttermilk hollandaise, sourdough breadcrumbs, and a soft boiled egg, or go for meat with their caramelised onion, herb and lentil hash, veal tongue fillet, house-made creme fraiche, and a poached egg. Also coming up: lemonade and peanut butter chocolate bars. Oh, the joy!

stilinberlin bone berlin-0010301b

Final preview, cause I don’t wanna torture you just yet, are’s (a.k.a. the most recent winner of Berlin’s Best Burger) sultry Southern breakfast sandwiches – Sironi’s toast is going to hug an ALT of spicy chipotle mayonnaise, soft boiled egg (if you wish), avocado mousse and half-dried tomatoes creating a delicious mess. Or you’ll go for the pulled corn-chicken with chow chow relish, a boiled egg (again, optional) and of course some more of that incredible mayonnaise.


That’s not all, obviously. Join the event to see even more previews. We’ll have the most delicious hummus from Kanaan, the prettiest plants from Mary Lennox, the amazing Swedish oatmeal bowls by Café Valentin, the hippest food of Roamers, yummy brunch food by Stella, decadent cakes by Tausendsünd, boiled perfection by Fine Bagels, scrumptious ice cream sandwich by Zwei Dicke Bären, Indian delights by Chutnify, home-enhancing goodies by Parkhaus, special birthday treats by Sironi and much more… It will be a day of feast and fete. So much looking forward to it, I can’t put it into words.

I already wanna thank everyone for joining, celebrating, eating, helping, cooking, decorating and supporting. Big love to all of you!

Happy Birthday Stil in Berlin!

See you Sunday!!!


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