Berlin’s Best Burger: June 2016

That was hot shit, last Saturday, right? And I’m not even speaking about that spicy kimchi or wasabi mayonaise, but the weather! The sun burned down on us and the grills, making that patties even crispier. We’ve chosen a theme to remember: the most popular burger variety at our beloved Burgers & Hip Hop since we started: everything Asian! We invited Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian and Filipino food joints to serve us their creations and you came, ate and voted till very late – when temperatures got a ‘lil more burger friendly. The heated up voting came to a close at night, with one clear winner…read on!

As usual, here are all contenders and the top 3.

stilinberlin burgers hip hop asian-0010627

Bao Kitchen married Asian and Latin flavors in their fluffy El Chino burger with beef patty, roasted goma sesame dressing and smoky chipotle mayo in a pillowy steamed bao.

stilinberlin burgers hip hop asian-0010602

Indian flavors came for us with Chai Wallahs Eazy P, for which 12 hour sous-vide pork belly joined a mango apple chutney, poppadom and paneer cheese.

stilinberlin burgers hip hop asian-0010556

Ayan served us the Thrilla Straight Outta Manila, filled with longanisa, aka Filipino chorizo, plus a sunny side up, banana ketchup and cocktail sauce.

stilinberlin burgers hip hop asian-0010583

Banhmi Kitchen came all the way from Zurich to serve you the Banh DMC, with a rib eye patty, ginger mayo and mango ketchup, sriracha and smoky bacon jam.

stilinberlin burgers hip hop asian-0010555

These eye-catchers were served by Son Kitchen: The K.R.E.A.M. Supreme Burger came in a brioche bun filled with a bulgogi patty, cheese, greens, napa kimchi, red cabbage kimchi, Korean chipotle mayo & Korean daengjang ketchup. And proved extremely popular with you guys, creating long lines and a whooping result of 115 votes granting them 3rd place!

stilinberlin burgers hip hop asian-0010572

Last time’s winner, bone berlin, served up a Japanese feast with The Essence, coming with prime beef (by Kumpel & Keule), teriyaki glaze, tsukemono pickles, wasabi mayo and an amazing seaweed bun (by Sironi) – and proved once again he’s a master at the grill. Amazing 130 votes won him the 2nd place. 

stilinberlin burgers hip hop asian-0010601

Which wasn’t enough to defeat this stunner of a burger – CHILEES killed you all softly with their Bulga Burger with a black bun, black angus beef patty, cheddar cheese, marinated pork and three kinds of onion plus their super secret burger sauce. The vote was unanimous, Burger Feast voters and everyone else agreed and awarded this one 178 votes and made them the new crown bearer of Berlin’s Best Burger! Congrats!
You wanna eat it now? Easy, visit Chilees in their shop in Choriner Straße 35 in Prenzlauer Berg!

Whew, that was quite something, right? But we’re not done for the summer, no, no, no. Next party is gonna happen on August 6th – mark your calendars because we’re taking over the yard, celebrating our beloved block party!! See you!


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  1. Berlin on


    Great compilation! We’ll test your list soon and then I can write a resumee. The last burger pic looks awfully interesting, seems burned.

  2. Dessous on


    This post made me so hungry! Can’t wait to try a couple of those next time I’m in Berlin.

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