Dining in Berlin: Lode & Stijn

I finally went to Lode & Stijn, halleluja! I was so excited to go all the time and still it took me too many weeks, and I don’t even have a reason for that. And then I wanted to write about it instantly but went to Japan for two weeks and now I’m back and looking at the pictures and wanna go again right now. So without further explanations, let’s get to the food…

stilinberlin lode stijn-0010499
White beans, leek and dried egg yolk

You might remember Lode from his role as super strict juror on our yearly Berlin’s Best Bread competition. And Lode & Stijn as the chef duo behind this amazing brunch at Silo. Their long planned restaurant serving seasonal and local four our six courses menus, has finally opened in a street off the canal in Kreuzberg and it’s so lovely to see how their work turned out.

What can I say, I loved it. The little plates to share upfront – white beans, leek and egg yolk; panelle; and asparagus with buttermilk sauce – where almost my favorite, if it wasn’t for the fresh goats cheese mousse with that surprisingly intense carrot vinaigrette that went so very well with the crunchy almonds and fruity basil (pictured on top). The cheese is from Gut Ogrosen in Spreewald, and while they normally don’t name their sources, in this cases the dish benefits so much from this cheese, it’d be a shame not to, as Lode said.

stilinberlin lode stijn-0010500
Panelle (chickpea fritters with lemon and parsley)
stilinberlin lode stijn-0010504
Grilled asperges with a (reduced) buttermilk sauce

I heard many praises of the beef tartar, however and although their menu reads very meat-heavy, you can easily switch all of them for a full vegetarian dinner, as I did. And enjoy things like roasted beetroots with jerusalem artichoke puree, hidden beneath wild rucola, sprinkled with the right amount of brown butter and those intense Piedmontese hazelnuts.

Besides their nice location in this still quiet side street, the place itself has a distinct casual and relaxed atmosphere. While the food is certainly inventive, high-class and very contemporary, the mood is informal and down to earth, a still unusual concept in Berlin, but I expected nothing less from either Lode or Stijn. This is very much their place, and I’m excited to see in what directions they can develop their cooking with this as their home base.

Also, you can take one of their delicious breads home for later!
Four courses are 48 Euro, six are 68 Euro.

stilinberlin lode stijn-0010510
Young grilled spinach, shortly cooked egg yolk, parsley creme, toasted bread
stilinberlin lode stijn-0010514
Sprouted and then cooked rye berries with macadamia nuts, kohlrabi (glaced, thinly shaved, oil from the leaves), sauce made of whey
stilinberlin lode stijn-0010519
Jerusalem artichoke puree, roasted beetroots, piedmont hazelnuts, wild rucola, brown butter
stilinberlin lode stijn-0010521
Strawberries, rhubarb and kriek beer ice, roasted linseeds mousse and linseed cracker

Lode & Stijn

Lode & Stijn

Lausitzer Straße 25

10999 Berlin Kreuzberg

Görlitzer Bahnhof

Opening Hours:

Tue – Sat from 18:00
(last kitchen order 22:30)


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  1. Christian Wurster on


    I went there yesterday. It is worth to mention that there is a bar menu is as well – you will find almost everything from the 4 or 6-course-menu there as well (between 4 and 12€).

    The bread is one of the best if not THE best I’ve had in Berlin.

    I just think the wine is too pricey – JaJa in Neukölln shows how it can be done (=glasses from 5€ up, bottles from 20€ up – all natural wine)

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