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It’s obviously my favorite part of any menu, I like to think I’ve got an extra stomach just for it, and really, what kind of person doesn’t like it? Dessert! Which is why I teamed up with The Store Kitchen to bring you the ultimate dessert experience, and we’re calling it: JUST DESSERTS. Five courses of excellent, inventive, delicious desserts, including refreshing floats, surprising fruit consommés, extravagant pastry sculptures and, obviously, lavish chocolate creations. Read on to find out where and when to enjoy it, or get your ticket here immediately, because tables are limited!

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chocolate cake with cultured cream and barberries

A 5-course feast of treats for those with a sweet tooth. Balancing acidity and sugar with some classic showstopper desserts, we designed a joyous afternoon of booze, chocolate, pastry and some playful surprises along the way. We’re celebrating the finest course of every menu on Saturday, July 9th, from 16:00 to 19:00 at The Store Kitchen at Torstraße 1 in Mitte. And here’s a little preview of our menu.

Our aperitif is El Mote, made of rehydrated peach juice, barley, rum and pop rocks; we’ll continue with a strawberry consommé with buffalo milk buratta, thyme, borage flowers and hazelnuts; then a show-stopping croquembouche with tangelo curd; followed by Pisco sour with lime sorbet and bitters; an intense chocolate cake with cultured cream and barberries; some candied anise to clean your palette; and turmeric macarons and lemon shortbreads to take home for later. Oh my god, the joy!
We tested, tasted and refined the course together and while yes, it might be quite courageous to offer a menu focussing on sweets only, I assure you the order of courses is designed to take you up and down the many levels of sweet, from fruity and light, to fresh and sour, back to creamy and crunchy, and obviously aromatic and sensual.

stilinberlin just desserts-2-9
strawberry consommé with buffalo milk buratta, thyme, borage flowers and hazelnuts

There will be a simple drink pairing of Poiré, riesling and wheat beer as well as herbal teas and coffee available. The menu price is 50 Euro and you should get your ticket right now, because we have limited space.
I’d love to meet you there and enjoy this flavorful feast with you!

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The Store

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10119 Berlin Mitte


Opening Hours:

Mon – Sat 10:00–19:00


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  1. Torsten Fleischer on


    Oh my God! This looks so delicious! I need to test absolutely. I am looking forward to a visit.
    Thank you for this post!

  2. Aiko on


    Wow, das klingt nach einem großartig-köstlichen Abenteuer!
    Ach Berlin ist schon ein tolles Städtchen…solche Konzepte wird es hier im verschlafenem NRW wohl nie geben 😑😅
    Eine Empfehlung meinerseits:
    Bin schon sehr gespannt auf die Coda Bar des begnadeten Rene Frank, die ja bald seine Pforten öffnet. Ich bin in den Genuß seiner Kreationen im “La vie” gekommen und beneide Euch Hauptstädter nun um diese Bereicherung. Da Du Dessert und Asienaffin zu sein scheinst, könnte dir das ja eventuell gefallen. Herzlichst Aikiko

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