Swim in Berlin: Langer See

It’s that time of the year again! The question: do you know a beautiful lake with crystal clear water, nice patches of grass and, like, no people?? is literally haunting me. The answer is, I don’t have one. And if I had one, people would probably murder me if I spilled the secret. Like when they said I destroyed Bernsteinsee three years ago. That pretty gravel pit turned lake was always well visited by people, but some claimed my post on this humble blog was the last nail in the coffin. Promised, this lake is not a new discovery, it’s no secret, which is why you’ll meet people there, even a lot of them when the weather is right, also because a tram is transporting you right to it. HOWEVER, it’s a gorgeous lake with refreshing water and nice sunny patches in a forest to lay down your towel and doze through the heat wave.

Most lakes in Brandenburg are like that: tucked away in forests, with muddy grounds, sometimes murky water and many leaves and bushes growing right into it. One usually has to search quite some time for a nice spot beneath the trees. The advantages are plenty, there’s enough shade for everyone, and I like personally like the natural feeling. However, this is pretty much exactly like the lakes I grew up enjoying in the summer holidays, this is what I’m used to. And I get it, if some of you are looking for sandy beaches – former gravel pits are usually a good choice for that.

Langer See is a groove lake of the river Dahme, which runs into the Spree a couple kilometers beyond the See – it’s quite long, 11km, and 220m wide, on average. It’s completely surrounded by forrest, but on most of its kilometers, the shore is accessible in places, with only some fences protecting the wild life, and a proper beach with infrastructure, called Strandbad Grünau. It’s quite easy to get to, take the S Bahn to Grünau and then switch onto the tram no 68 that drives directly by the lake, but far enough from it to not be annoying.

Oh, another plus – dogs are welcome!


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