Coming Up: Burgers & Hip Hop Block Party

It’s time, my friends, it’s time for our annual big summer splash block party, celebrating with hot buns and sizzling patties on August 6th in our favorite yard of Prince Charles. After many discussions about what a real burger really is, we’re bringing you a battle of the OGs: Burgers reduced to the max, old school tracks and some traditional booty shaking. Come to find out what a burger really needs to be delicious, and vote for the most authentic taste to crown the Grillmaster Flash! To eat them all, get our special Burger Feast ticket now!

The question what a burger is and what isn’t divides the people, some want it stripped, bun and patty, that’s it. Others don’t mind a ‘lil bit of bacon or cheese, even some lettuce, and history told us Berliners like their burgers influenced by Asian cuisine! This summer, we’re want to bring you the ultimate battle of the original burger in our beloved block party, so we invited seven burger artists who excel in simple burger cuisine, here’s the list: last-time’s winner Chilees is coming again to defend their crown, Tommi’s Burger Joint brings black giant truck from Mitte, Golden Burgers will roll in with their deep red one and just be the perfect color-contrast to Bunsmobile’s bright yellow, next to them, Hirsch & Eber from Prenzlauer Berg mixes it up wild style, and with street food star Butter Bronson’s and Friedrichshain’s Tante Biggie will bring their bestest to win the title of Berlin’s Best Burger! So don’t you forget to vote!

As dessert, we’ll bring you our long time favorite Zwei Dicke Bären and the incredibly delicious Jones Ice Cream!

Already drooling? Here’s your ticket to ultimate juiciness:

Our special presale-only ticket grants you priority entry for Burgers & Hip Hop – no waiting in line for you! Extra-special burger-funtimes: the ticket gives you half a burger from each of the seven vendors (either meat or vegetarian, your choice! which in total is more than 3 burgers, a.k.a. a lot), PLUS an ice-cream sandwich by Zwei Dicke Bären for dessert and two beers fresh from the bar! AND two double-votes in the Berlin’s Best Burger Competition!

The ticket is valid till 18.00! Come Early! No refunds. No re-entry.

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