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A very, very delicious Sunday awaits us: United Street Food is coming up at Markthalle Neun! It’s a fundraising food market, presenting all the wonderful organizations working with food and immigrants, featuring the most delicious dishes from many different countries. And I must know because I was lucky enough to taste some of them already, so I can give you a preview right now!

Over 20 organizations & food stands will be there for us, with special events like spice tastings, live music, storytelling and more adding to the charm. All money raised is going towards the organizations & initiatives involved in the market that are working hard to improve the lives of refugees in Berlin, to help them continue in there amazing efforts. Behind this is Souk Berlin, a project started by Kavita Meelu with the goal to open a market hall dedicated to the food cultures of immigrants and new comers. United Street Food is just one event on the journey to Souk Berlin market hall, and will give you a glimpse on what’s to come.

United Street Food presents many of the city’s organizations working with immigrants and refugees, from Syria, Gambia, Somalia, Afghanistan, and many more – to name a selection of participants: Kanaan, Wolff & Eber, Cooking for Peace, and Refugio Café. However, while the stories are definitely super interesting, the food is what I wanna tell you more about right now. I tasted a variety of dishes and they’ve all been super good – it’s a prime chance to experience authentic dishes you can’t get anywhere else in Berlin. Here we go:

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Malakeh Jazmati is somewhat of a celebrity chef, not only in her home, Syria, but also in Jordan where she lived for a while after fleeing her country. For United Street Food she’ll cook up Armenian Freekeh – roasted cracked green wheat mixed with cream, Emmentaler cheese and mushrooms–, and Saj, flat breads served with different toppings including, Zatar (pictured) and Mhamara (a red pepper and tomato paste).

stilinberlin united street food-0011194

This flavor-packed Somali influenced vegan taco is just one example of how Hawaash aims to melt different food cultures into each other. It comes with pulled summer vegetables, espresso BBQ Sauce, spiced currant rice, char-roasted peppers and tomatoes, topped with mango-aioli and fried onions, and is served on a fresh and crispy Somali flatbread. To finish, try one of their cinnamon banana breads and cardamom-iced-tea.

stilinberlin united street food-0011223

This is Gambian Domoda with rice, a vegetable-peanut-stew that’s so creamy and delicious. It will be served by Bantabaa, an association that supports refugees in and around the social flashpoint Görlitzer Park. With the project “Bantabaa Food Dealer” they aim to give refugees the opportunity to work and get qualified in catering service.

stilinberlin united street food-0011209

Okay, so this is special: the roasted chicken is bedded on Molokhia, a plant without a German (or English) name, but close to jute – this Syrian dish is cooked by Give Something Back To Berlin, a vast network of volunteers and projects devoted to local causes, among them an open kitchen that’s not only building a new community and sense of belonging, but putting out amazing food. They’ll also bring Sudanese stew with beef, sweet potatoes and peanuts.

stilinberlin united street food-0011236

Über den Tellerrand Kochen is a busy organization, not only bringing together refugees and locals through various events, but also putting out cook books with recipes from various countries. Pictured here is a dish that’ll be prepared by three Afghan women: Kabuli Pulao, a spicy rice with carrots, raisins and lamb meet – it’s the the national dish of Afghanistan, and will be joined by Bademjan, an aromatic aubergine stew, as well as Kuku Sibzamini, a potato omelette.
The title photo is of their second stall, run by Sabine Hueck of Atelier Culinario and 2 Syrian chefs, Mudar and Sara. It will promote their upcoming book „A pinch of home“ and serve three dishes from the book: three different kinds of hummus with crispy Arabic bread, and Sfiha, a kind of pizza, with different toppings, melting German, Syrian and Brazilian recipes, among them super fresh, home made labneh.

stilinberlin united street food-0011253

Koshary Lux is teaming up with Anas & crew from Syria to bring you some very fine Aleppo food: Kibbeh Arāṣ, fried bulgar wheat balls stuffed with lamb, spices, and walnuts, served with Moutabel, an aubergine creme with loads of fresh garlic.

And guys, this is only a fraction of what you’ll be able to eat on Sunday. It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity to dive into the many flavors of many countries, most of which we can’t visit right now. Here’s more. See you Sunday!


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