Escape: Into Brandenburg with Opel Cascada

In cooperation with Opel

It’s that time of the year! All Berliners wanna flock out of the city and into Brandenburg, watch butterflies, swim in lakes, eat all the creamy cakes, and watch the sun set while lying on a green lawn. To make your list of escape destinations a little longer, I’m giving you three places you must see this summer. And to make your travel loads easier and more stylish, my cooperation partner CarUnity is giving you a pretty convertible for a weekend! We got three Opel Cascada waiting for you on the weekend of July 29th to 31st, choose your favorite escape destination and leave a comment under this article.

Just a little disclaimer besides our regular rules, in order to get the car, you need a driver’s license that’s valid in Germany. You can pick up the car on July 29th in Berlin Mitte and must return it until the morning of August 1st, at the latest. Gas expenses aren’t covered.

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Ökodorf Brodowin

You always wanted to know where your favorite dairy comes from, right? Then travel to Brodowin, a village about 60km north east of Berlin, very close to the giant Parsteiner See. This is where the cows live, according to Demeter standards, free to stroll in and out of their stables, and with plenty of greenery. The milk is handled on the same premises, and the little farm café not only offers soup and cakes, but also fresh and most delicious butter milk, that’s only available here. There’s also a little store, offering every single Brodowin product as well as much more from the region, so load up your trunk! Read more here.

Photo: Forsthaus Strelitz
Photo: Forsthaus Strelitz

Forsthaus Strelitz

90km north of Berlin lies Neustrelitz, home to one of the most exciting restaurants in Brandenburg: Forsthaus Strelitz. Wenzel Pankratz is serving dishes made from produce of the region and their own farm: self made butter and bread, food cooked on fire, and everything served in a carefully restored interior. You can also book a room to stay the whole weekend and use the Forsthaus as a starting point for hikes into the beautiful area and its many lakes. More here.

Photo: Insl Kyritz
Photo: Insl Kyritz

Insl Kyritz

An island in the Klempowsee is home to a dreamy beer garden where burgers made from locally sourced ingredients are served with juices from fruits grown just around the corner. And it really is an island, fully surrounded by water, with many deckchairs and other possibilities to lounge in the sun and listen to the quiet waves. Some call this traditional escape destination, that already feeds hungry Berliners with a longing for the countryside since a hundred years, idyllic, see for yourself if paradise isn’t a more appropriate word. More here.

In order to get one of the three cars, leave a comment under this article choosing one of the destinations. No, I won’t check if you really, really go there, it’s, as everything on this blog, just a friendly suggestion, but I wanna know what you’re most interested in. Leave the comment until Tuesday, July 26th!