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Everybody’s on holiday right now, everybody! Even the whole kitchen team of dóttir, beloved Nordic inspired restaurant in Mitte. That is, if you want to call a two week pop up in Hong Kong a holiday. To not leave their Berlin space unattended, the crew handed over the keys to chef Dalad Kambhu and artist Rirkrit Tiravanija, who’re using the time to bring contemporary, exciting Thai food to us hungry Berliners. You should be fast to book your table, the pop up only lasts another week and it surely is the most exciting Thai food in Berlin right now.

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We started with a totally unassumingly looking Kohlrabi pickle, that was already so intense, refreshing and unusual in taste with the mix of garlic, red shallot, lime juice and fish sauce, my fellow eaters and me were bursting with anticipation of the next courses. The meal is served to share and has three starters and four mains served together and joined by pure white and more earthy flavored red rice. A total fan-favorite were the beans with coconut cream, nuts and crispy shallots, the enjoyably sour glass noodle salad with mint and baby octopus (or grapes for me), the duck breast in panang curry and the whole steamed seabass with lemon juice, fish sauce and thai herbs. I for myself enjoyed a vegetarian version of the green curry stew. All flavors are quite straightforward, very clear and modern, while heavily relying on traditional Thai food. Instead of importing all the necessary produce, the crew rather went for locally available ingredients like kohlrabi, European eggplants, and seabass. Oh and not to forget the dessert, banana ice cream with roasted peanuts, and chili chocolate ice cream – both totally vegan – that sent us into food heaven!

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Dalad Kambhu is new to Berlin, she recently moved here from New York and is making her first steps in the culinary world. Joining forces with established cooking artist Rirkrit Tiravanija made sense to design the menu and draw in the crowd, and will hopefully lead to a more permanent location of them. I would certainly love to eat there. And Berlin could totally use more contemporary interpretations of already beloved food.

The eight-course menu is 45,- Euro, the pop-up runs until August 06, Tuesday – Saturday from 6 pm. They’re asking for reservations for 4 people and more, since the dinner will be served to share. Book your table here: +49 30 330060760

PS, let them know ahead you want to eat vegetarian, and if you accept fish sauce or not.

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Mittelstrasse 40/41

10117 Berlin Mitte


Opening Hours:

Tue–Sat 6:00-23:30


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