Berlin’s Best Burger: August 2016

What a real burger looks like.

You guys are the best, seriously. Despite a major downpour, you stayed with us on Saturday, ignoring the rain and storm and just kept on munching the OG creations at our beloved Burgers & Hip Hop. It was the best block party of the summer, thanks to you and our major burger artists! And how amazing was the live set of The Swag and all our open mic performers? It was one for the books, for sure. Not even talking about the voting for Berlin’s Best Burger! Which was incredible in itself, with over 650 votes coming in! And while, by now, it’s almost easy to predict which kind of burger wins Berliner’s hearts by storm, the result is still one to celebrate, majorly!

As always, here are all competitors, with the votes only revealed for the top three.

Photo: Micki Rosi Richter
Photo: Micki Rosi Richter

Tommi’s Burger Joint

Rolling in with their huge, black truck, this Mitte joint’s burger was reduced to the max: the cheeseburger relied on a medium rare patty, cheese and bun.

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop-0011454

Butter Bronson’s

Butter Bronson’s brought their signature buttermilk fried chicken in their Mac Daddy Slaw with a sweet brioche bun, garlic mayo and cole slaw.

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop-0011490

Golden Burgers

This Berlin classic kept busy with their Pimento cheeseburger served from their deep red burger truck.

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop-0011479

Hirsch & Eber

It’s in the name: this Prenzlauer Berg joint put boar meat on the grill, and combined it with port wine onions, cranberry and mustard sauce and especially aromatic Emmental cheese to create this beauty.

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop-0011473

Tante Biggie

Welcoming this new player on the field was a joy, as the auntie from Friedrichshain served up a storm with their porkbelly burger coming with guacamole, kimchi and! pork popcorn! You loved it, and awarded them 90 votes pushing them to the third place in a tight race with Hirsch & Eber!

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop-0011456


This long-time fan favorite brought their original cheese burger with medium rare beef from Brandenburg, plus a burger with a lamb and beef merguez patty, and a super delicious vegetarian burger filled with chanterelles. As usual, chips poured in for Buns scoring them 2nd place with 124 votes in total!

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop-0011467


By now, this is a fact: Berliners love their Asian inspired burgers and voted unambiguously: the Bulga Burger with wagyu beef patty, sweet pork, cheddar cheese, three kinds of onions and homemade sauce collected 252 votes, championing again! Congratulations to the Korean burger place from Prenzlauer Berg! This marks their third win at Burgers & Hip Hop, and their second win in a row, so we’ll see them again on October 1st, when we feast on all things bacon!

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop-0011496


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    Hirsch & Eber is one of the best burgers among all . i love it

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