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When the temperatures drop and the sky is filled with loads more grey, when we all know what’s coming for us, it’s time to look to the benefits of the cold season: countless Chinese dinners where we feast on hot chili dishes, heartwarming stews and all the dumplings. So let me suggest a new entry on the by now very long list of places to eat delicious Chinese food: Selig.

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Selig means blissful, and that’s certainly what it is – it features a more chic, cooler interior than most Chinese places in Berlin (and prettier plates and bowls), and a huge variety of Sichuan and Hunan food with some highlights of vegetarian dishes. It’s always a good idea to bring more than three people to a Chinese place if you’re in the mood for a feast, unless you’re fine with eating just one or two dishes (and I will recommend this one dish to you right now).

Selig has loads of special items on the menu – if you’re looking for chicken feet, or pigs ear jelly, this is your place – however, I must admit I didn’t dive deep into the menu because I was lucky enough to eat with Ash, who usually takes charge of all the ordering and I totally trust her with choosing things I like. And right I was: she got the mapo tofu without the meat, a favorite of mine – however, the service was a bit confused that night, so the first plate coming out had meat in it – as well as water spinach with garlic, and my most favorite potato dish with light vinegar and fresh chili that has a surprising creaminess coming with the chili spice (pictured on top). This is what I’d order if I had serious craving and found no one to come and join.

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We were looking forward to trying their homemade noodles, something Selig has been renowned, and were a bit disappointed to hear that the chef responsible for the noodles left the restaurant, hopefully they’ll find a replacement soon. However, Selig also excels at dumplings with a thin dough and hearty fillings – not the vegetarian version though, they’re not convincing with their thick dough and their flavorless filling.

For another highlight, I want to suggest you get a dessert. I know, that’s not something one necessarily does at a Chinese place… But here they have fried milk, which is basically battered, deep fried pudding – I repeat: sweet pudding, put in a thin batter, and then deep fried to crispy perfection. You won’t believe it until you’ve had it. Enjoy!

Selig Restaurant

Selig Restaurant

Kantstraße 51

10627 Berlin Charlottenburg

Wilmersdorfer Straße

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun 12:00 – 00:00


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  1. Ange on


    This place had fantastic food when I was there back in May. However, the menu was all over the place, and the waitresses were so incompetent. There were at least 4 of them that night, and the place wasn’t even full. They didn’t speak german or english, which made it even harder to order or complain about where our food was. It took 3 of us almost 3 hours to eat 4 dishes, and I ended up missing my train. Also, the dirty dishes from other tables were left on the bar all night without anyone bothering to clean up. It’s such a shame, because the food is actually good.

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