Coming Up: Burgers & Hip Hop Bacon Fest

Last time's winner: CHILEES

This has been a long time coming, of all the themed Burgers & Hip Hop parties, this is probably the one getting all of us the most excited: we’re entering BACON PARADISE! Gathering our beloved crew and seven burger artists from all around town to get that bacon going, we’re celebrating a greasy round of burger fun on October 1st at Prince Charles. Join us in the bacon pits, to prepare you for the coldest season and protect ya speck! Read on to find out who’s grillin’ and get your hands on the coveted Burger Feast tickets that will give you all the burgers (and more)!

We’ve asked some very bacon-invested fellows to attend this fest and contribute their finest grilling skills: Last time’s winner, CHILEES, is obviously coming back, this time going for the infamous triple win; The Bird Express is attending the festivities as is much praised Gorilla Barbecue as well as the Italians of PIC NIC 34; the experts of organic flavors, j.kinski; and the burger artisans of Neukölln, Outbreak Food. As a special treat The Sausage Man Never Sleeps is joining forces with Little Joy.

As dessert, we’ll bring you our long time favorite Zwei Dicke Bären.

Already drooling? Here’s your ticket to ultimate juiciness:

Our special presale-only BURGER FEAST ticket grants you priority entry for Burgers & Hip Hop – no waiting in line for you! Extra-special burger-funtimes: the ticket gives you half a burger from each of the seven vendors (either meat or vegetarian, your choice! which in total is more than 3 burgers, a.k.a. a lot), PLUS an ice-cream sandwich by Zwei Dicke Bären for dessert and two beers fresh from the bar! AND two double-votes in the Berlin’s Best Burger Competition!

The ticket is valid till 18.00! Come Early! No refunds. No re-entry.

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Prince Charles

Prince Charles

Prinzenstraße 85F

10969 Berlin Kreuzberg


Opening Hours:

check the website for schedule


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