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Photo: Becca Crawford

It’s time for a feast of treats, my favorite part of any menu, elevated and enhanced: the ultimate dessert experience! I’ve teamed up with The Store Kitchen and their excellent pastry chef Laura Villanueva-Guerra to bring you JUST DESSERTS, a round of five excellent, inventive, delicious desserts, including refreshing floats, surprising fruit consommés, extravagant pastry sculptures and, obviously, lavish chocolate creations. Happening on Sunday, September 25th at The Store Kitchen at 17:00, tickets are limited so get yours here immediately!

Photo: Becca Crawford
Photo: Becca Crawford

We’ve updated the menu to the season, and added a little more fun:
Our aperitif is El Mote, made of rehydrated peach juice, barley, rum and pop rocks; we’ll continue with a plum consommé with buffalo milk buratta, thyme, borage flowers and hazelnuts; a show-stopping croquembouche with tangelo curd; a summery sgroppino with Colfondo prosecco, sorbet and Tito’s vodka; an intense chocolate cake with cultured cream and berries; some candied anise to clean your palette; and turmeric macarons and lemon shortbreads to take home for later. Oh my god, the joy!

We tested, tasted and refined the course together and while yes, it might be quite courageous to offer a menu focussing on sweets only, I assure you the order of courses is designed to take you up and down the many levels of sweet, from fruity and light, to fresh and sour, back to creamy and crunchy, and obviously aromatic and sensual. I’d love to meet you there and enjoy this flavorful feast with you!

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