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The best week of food is starting today – with the Stadt Land Food festival, we Berliners are showered with a plethora of possibilities to not only enjoy the best of local food, but also to educate ourselves in the questions of sustainability, learn more about food production and distribution, experience the many different producers and produce, and eat all the best food while we’re at it. All based on the important question what we as a society can do for an agriculture that is better for farmers, animals, plants and consumers. (Read my interview from 2014 with campaign leader Jochen Fritz to find out more.)
As with every great festival, the mere number of things happening can be overwhelming, which is why I collected a selection of workshops, presentations and events happening now until October 3rd, hope this helps!

Stadt Land Food Menu – Twenty four restaurants will offer a special menu featuring a selected local producer, which will certainly create interesting pairings and even more exciting dishes. You can see all the restaurants and their partners here, I would actually love to see what Silo does with the eggs of Eiland Grimme, Lode & Stijn with the produce of Demeter farm Weggun, and Herz und Niere with the plants of Biogarten Sonnentau.

The big market – heart of the festival is the market, where over 130 producers and vendors will show their skills in food making. A best of from Street Food Thursday, Naschmarkt, Cheese and all the other themed markets will come together to celebrate diversity. More here.

United Street Food – five of the United Street Food vendors operated by refugees will sell their delicious dishes as a part of the market at Lausitzer Platz.

Wir haben es satt!Stadt Land Food is not only about enjoying the plenty, but actually discussing what shapes today’s food culture and how we can all work together to create sustainable and fair food production and distribution. This agripolitical congress is organized by an alliance of 45 organizations active in the protection of nature and farming and aiming for an agricultural revolution. The congress will be held in German, more info here.

Food Labs – Stadt Land Food is all about teaching its audience all about food, where it comes from, how it’s made, and how we can enjoy it to the fullest. They invited a number of experts in their fields to share their knowledge and to get your teeth into the artisanal production of our most important foods. Every lab day will end with Stadt Land Food Salon, with eleven inspiring presentations giving you the opportunity to delve into the festival theme of food and identity. The labs are held on the topics of coffee, cheese, beer, wurst, bread, spirits, honey, vegetables, wine and cacao. More info here.


Program – The program is massive… here are some of my personal highlights from the labs, presentations, tastings and more:

Milk is such a big part of our daily lives, so why not go ahead and give your tastebuds some education in this milk tasting.
I just recently discovered freekeh, a green wheat, and fell in love instantly – I’d strongly recommend you do the same at this tasting held by Conflict Food, a new project importing high quality produce from conflict ridden places.
You want to know more about Berlin’s excellent coffee scene? Join this walking tour in English through Kreuzberg.
Fermentation is a big topic in this year’s program, from how to ferment pumpkins with nothing but salt, to an introduction to kimchi making from yesterday to today, to a workshop on traditional Japanese fermentation, its history and modern application. (Last two held in English)
The bread lab plans a special program with refugees called “Bread from Home” where everything from a Syrian Khubz to a German rye bread will be made. 

To close the festival, Markthalle Neun is celebrating a huge potluck called Heimattafel, inviting all of you to bring a dish for two and your friends, to connect and share food, knowledge and experience.

Markthalle Neun

Markthalle Neun

Eisenbahnstrasse 42–43

10997 Berlin Kreuzberg

Görlitzer Bahnhof


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