Drinks in Berlin: Bombay Secret Art Garden

Sponsored by Bombay Sapphire

Getting through the six months of Berlin winter is a matter of meticulous planning – from preparing your winter wardrobe (all that wool) to writing a list of movies to watch, to buying concert tickets way in advance to have something to look forward to. And to think about what drinks to have while waiting for the summer! I plan to make gin my go-to-booze, that balsamic juniper flavor will take me through the following months. To ring in gin season, I joined Bombay Sapphire’s Secret Art Garden in cooperation with Juniqe last week to discover two more gin based drinks in the intense greens of a botanical garden.

Bombay Sapphire Secret Art Garden_Hide Away Tree House_3

Tucked away in the northern areas of Pankow is a botanical garden with a lovely green house that was lit in sapphire blue and filled with a crowd interested in the art of cocktails. Sophia Voss, bartender at Hotel am Steinplatz, created two special drinks for the occasion: a gimlet by the name of „Life Is Better At The Beach“ with house made liqueur featuring the fruity aroma of black currant, and the “Hide Away Tree House” with notes of Murcia lemon and a soft violet cream on top.

Bombay Sapphire Secret Art Garden_8

Bombay Sapphire teamed up with Juniqe, an online shop for selected art works from all over the world, to create four pieces interpreting the development of a Bombay cocktail. Ekaterina Koroleva used intense colors and soft brush strokes to illustrate the many ingredients used, and photographer Paul Aidan Perry drew his inspiration from watching bartender Sophia Voss work. All four motives can be bought as limited editions at Juniqe.

Sponsored by Bombay Sapphire

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  1. Margarita on


    So, is it an open event?
    I guess not… :(

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Unfortunately, it was two nights only… The botanical garden does have a café serving cakes and coffee though :)

  2. unimpressed on


    Annoying article because we can’t go. I look at StilinBerlin for good tips of things to do in Berlin. Well done for getting an advertorial, but I’m not happy my time was wasted.

    1. Mary on

      While yes, the bar isn’t there anymore – the botanical garden and green house obviously is – you’ll just need to bring your own gin…

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