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There’re a lot of things happening at your favorite market hall in Kreuzberg! Not only did a retailer occupying loads of the hall move out, but there’s a new chef at the Kantine, a new cake vendor, a bigger space to attend to your caffeine addiction, and a beautiful new stall selling produce born and raised in Berlin. But one after the other…

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Bone Berlin at the Kantine

In August, Bone Berlin, well known as winner of Burgers & Hip Hop back in April and experienced maker of grilled cheese sandwiches, has taken over the holy halls of the Kantine and is serving you hungry Kreuzbergers delicious lunch. Like this flavorful Borschtsch served with dill and sour cream, or the grilled cheese pictured on top, filled with zucchini and aubergine and four kinds of cheese (old gouda, appenzeller, cheddar and bergkäse), as well as a yummy sounding raw salad containing cauliflower, broccoli, grapes, tomatoes and sunflower seeds. The menu changes weekly and it is the most delicious food I’ve had at Kantine lunches for quite some time. Since they’re also doing brunch food on Saturdays you know where to find me. Monday – Friday 11:30-16:00, Saturday 09:30-16:00

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Café 9

The once-tiny space with seats for about six people, basically tripled in site after extensive rebuild of the adjacent rooms. They didn’t only add loads of tables, but also their own roastery! Oh, and you can actually buy all the pieces of vintage furniture.

Aunt Benny Cake

One of the rare stars in the wastelands of Friedrichshain, beautiful Aunt Benny Café, ventured forth to Kreuzberg, opening a cake shop just next to Big Stuff Smoked BBQ, selling their sweet treats on Thursday from 17.00-22:00, Fridays from 12:00-17:00 and Saturdays from 12:00-17:00.

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Von Beet und Baum

The moving out of a huge fast fashion retailer made space for even more exciting food projects in the halls, like this vendor, who sells only organic vegetables and fruits from different high quality suppliers. Also in her range is Domäne Dahlem, a little farm raising some of the most flavorful produce in, well, Berlin Dahlem. They already supply dedicated restaurants like Lode & Stijn and Nobelhart & Schmutzig but weren’t available to the average home cook, yet! Open Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday, 12:00–18:00 and Saturday 10:00–18:00

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Markthalle Neun

Markthalle Neun

Eisenbahnstrasse 42–43

10997 Berlin Kreuzberg

Görlitzer Bahnhof


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