Seriously: 10 New Food Places You Have To Try In Autumn ’16

October is not as golden as we would want it to be, and November is usually not much better so draw your attention away from the outside and find out what’s new indoors. There are loads of new places serving new dishes to hungry Berliners: from homemade noodles, to vegan dumplings, Californian cooking, French soul food, Mexican fine dining and more. Berlin is here for you during these dark days.
Let’s go eat!

As usual, I’ve not yet tried any of these. This is a list of places that have just opened and sound interesting enough to put them on my to-eat-list. Need more? Check the 10 New Food Places You Have To Try This Summer list.

Big Sur

There’s no one out there who doesn’t like / love Big Sur, the stunning landscape at the west coast of the US, between LA and San Francisco. Simply naming a restaurant after this gorgeous place induces a warm feeling of longing and fuels loads of expectations. This is the first restaurant of the crew of Gorilla Barbecue, who just won the last edition of Burgers & Hip Hop, and they promise to serve modern Californian food with the best drinks.
Graefestraße 11, Kreuzberg – Thu–Sun from 18:00

Update, I do love Big Sur, the place on the west coast of California. The one in Graefestraße has a prevalent tendency to over-seasoning, unfortunately.

Black Sheep

In the surprisingly quiet streets between Kreuzberg and Treptower Park, one finds a pretty residential area by the name of Alt-Treptow. And while there was nothing except a dirty discount market when I lived there ten years ago, the scene has changed a lot – January of this year, a new vegan addition to the Alt-Treptow gastro scene popped up: Black Sheep. Offering coffee and avocado on toast, pretty cakes and daily lunch specials, plus such endearing events like kefir grain exchanges and kombucha making classes!
Bouchéstraße 15, Alt-Treptow – Mon–Fri 08:00–18:00, Sat 09:00–18:00, Sun 09:00–15:00

Cha for Tee

You say vegan dumplings, I say YES PLEASE! There’s a new place in Kreuzberg devoted to home made dumplings, many of them vegan! I never understood why it’s so hard to find them here, and so I have to try this one asap.
Friesenstraße 18, Kreuzberg – Mon–Sat 12:00–22:00, Sun 17:00–22:00


Already known as a catering service to the city’s coolest art and fashion spots, the Dînette girls now also have a brick and mortar shop to head to when you crave some savoir vivre – home made brioche, moules frites, madeleine, Boeuf Bourguignon and more.
Lehmbruckstrasse 9, Friedrichshain – daily 11:00–18:00

Update, Unfortunately, the used produce and its preparation didn’t convince me.

Beets & Roots

It might not sound like the most original of restaurant concepts – fresh salads, lunch bowls and smoothies – but since Michelin starred chef Andreas Tuffentsammer is responsible for the menu, it bids fair to excel its competitors in deliciousness.
Große Hamburger Straße 38, Mitte – opening on Nov 5

Santa Cantina

I know, this isn’t a street any well-respected food-lover would set foot in, but times are changing and though no one expected it, the street that once destroyed brunch is slowly steering towards a more delicious direction. One of Berlin’s most popular joints for Mexican food has decided to open their new place here. They’re bound to present Mexican food that is way more than just street. For example with a tasting menu every Wednesday that reads like this: smoked beetroot with coconut and habanero aguachile, poached salmon tostadas, barbecued aubergine tacos with black bean hummus and roasted tomato salsa, pork confit with tamarind glaze and white bean cassoulet followed by a chocolate cinnamon mousse with an amaretto and grand marnier chaser. If that’s not giving us hope I don’t know what is.
They’re also the new home of Laksa.
Simon Dach Straße 22, Friedrichshain – Tue–Sun 18:00–00:00

Schlomo’s Bagels

If there’s one thing Berlin still doesn’t offer a plenty, it’s bagels. No one knows why, but real and delicious bagels are hard to get – Fine Bagels are doing the bestest bagels in town and so you’ll be happy to hear they’re supplying this new bagel place in Prenzlauer Berg.
Kollwitzstraße 44, Prenzlauer Berg – Mon–Thu 07:30–18:30, Fri 07:30–20:00, Sat 10:00–20:00, Sun 10:00–18:30


This had to happen – the kings of bao burgerism opened a gaudy haven devoted to their one true love. The makers of District Mot, Si An and Chen Che have taken over a small joint in Mitte to present the bao in all varieties.
Rosenthaler Straße 67, Mitte – daily 12:00–00:00

Son Kitchen

Isn’t it interesting how former street-food-only vendors now open their own restaurants and shops? Another one is Son Kitchen with their new place on far away Kantstraße, almost next to Selig, where they’re serving their classic bibimbap and limited specials like cheesy fries with honey beef, spicy chicken or tofu and obviously all the kimchee.
Kantstraße 46, Charlottenburg – Mon–Sat 11:45–22:15, Sun 11:45–20:15

The Panda Noodle

There can’t ever be too many places serving noodle dishes in town. And now Lausitzer Platz got a new addition with this very fun and colorful looking place serving home made noodles in all kinds of varieties: Dan Dan Noodles, Tom Yum Noodles, Burmeses noodles, you crave it, they have it.
Lausitzer Platz 12, Kreuzberg – Mon–Fri 12:00–21:00, Sun 13:00–20:00

Update, although the concept sounds so great, the food is unfortunately not convincing.