Brunch in Berlin: 19 grams Chaussee

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: Little Joy is currently serving the most interesting brunch dishes in Berlin. Where can I eat them, you ask? At several locations in the city, and regularly at this fancy new coffee spot in Mitte: 19 grams Chaussee. While looking like almost every new coffee place, this one’s special because it not only gets its brunch menu from Little Joy, but its coffee is presented by one of the big guns in the Berlin coffee business: Trez Cabezas.

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19 grams Chaussee is located right opposite the shiny and authoritative building complex housing Germany’s secret service (BND), and just next to one of those new and strikingly banal architectures housing another hotel, and thus might be the only place worthwhile in this part of Mitte. The interior is cool and hip, with the obligatory plants, Tolix chairs, and enamel dishes, and the staff is especially nice and cheery.
Now, on to the winter menu served on weekdays from 09:00 to 14:00 and weekends from 10:00 to 15:00 – four brunch dishes, plus a sweet vegan porridge with oat milk, spiced apples and barley, and vegetarian or bacon filled empanadas await you. Then an updated brunch dish, Eggs Benedict, with champagne hollandaise and 48 hour cured bacon, or a vegan winter salad with pumpkin seeds and oat granola. We went for the vegan and gluten free potato cake with beetroot hummus (a nod to rather being local than fancy), and citrus savoy cabbage (8 Euro) – topped with an extra of the bacon (plus 2,50 Euro), and the “classic fry up” with slow roasted portobello mushrooms (or bacon), poached eggs, cider braised beans with aged cheddar, potato cake, a slice of sourdough bread and a small bunch of dill, aka my favorite herb (8.50 Euro), I added a serving of fermented sauerkraut.

Little Joy’s brunch is always hearty and heart warming in its combo, while they aim to do without brunch staples that are not really environmentally friendly – like avocado which is currently used as if it wasn’t imported thousands of kilometers – they create breakfast dishes you can’t get anywhere else. My crispy potato cakes went oh so well with the creamy beans and the cheddar, and I even enjoyed the roasted portobellos, which I usually would find either too soggy or too bland.
We added two cappuccinos, needless to say they were really good. As were the peanut butter chocolate bars, that we took on the road, because these brunch dishes filled us up, but one can’t miss the opportunity to grab one, or three of those delightful candy bars.

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19grams Chaussee

19grams Chaussee

Chausseestrasse 36

10115 Berlin Mitte


Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri 08:00 - 18:00
Sat–Sun 10:00 - 18:00


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  1. Mira Lostasy on


    Wieso sind den die Peanuts ok und die Avodkado nicht? Moral?!

  2. Mary Scherpe on


    Abgesehen davon, dass man das eine nicht gegen das andere ausspielen sollte und ich auch nicht vorschlagen würde, jeden Tag frische Erdnüsse zu essen, lassen sich Erdnüsse, bzw. Erdnussbutter einfacher und mit weniger Zeitdruck verschiffen als Avocados.

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