Coffee in Berlin: Qua Phe

It’s getting dark really, really early, doesn’t it? It’s the same decline every year and I won’t ever get used to it. The one thing I wanna do is go to bed at 18:00, which doesn’t go very well with my schedule. Also, it’s going to get worse! The only thing that might help? A strong and delicious coffee. Let me recommend you this Vietnamese variety: ca phe is freshly brewed using a stainless steel filter and a darker roast – Qua Phe in Mitte serves a particularly delicious one that will give you some of the much needed energy to get through the many dark winter days to come.

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I went not only for the coffee – which is dripping slowly on sweet condensed milk in front of your very eyes – but a sweet ginger mochi treat and I wanna say it was the combination that put me in a caffeinated rush for the rest of the day. If you’re planning on having a slow day, this isn’t the drink for you.
Qua Phe is not only serving coffee and sweet treats, but a wide variety of Vietnamese dishes for lunch that others have already praised and that sound really yummy. Will have to explore further soon.

Qua Phe

Qua Phe

Max-Beer-Str. 37

10119 Berlin Mitte

Rosa Luxemburg Platz

Opening Hours:

daily 09:00–21:00


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