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My dog, Nico, in one of her many beds.
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There’s no reason to deny it: my mixed breed Nico is a spoiled dog. I adopted her from an Italian shelter, where she lived for 1,5 years after being rescued from a flood at the age of one. So why shouldn’t she be spoiled? She has multiple beds, cushions and blankets (in the office, at home, in the car), eats fine raw food, and I always have an assortment of snacks ready. Spoiling her is one of my favorite things, not because she needs it, but deserves it for being the best dog ever. Where do I get all that treats for her, you ask? At my favorite shops for dogs in Berlin! This is the third part of my series on dogs, part one tackled the basics of dog owning in Berlin, and part two suggested loads of places to have fun with your pup.


This is my favorite shop for dogs in Berlin: it’s a spacious, and very well designed store with the best selection of dog stuff – so it’s actually a good thing it’s not really close to my regular paths because otherwise all my money would be spent here. And Nico loves it too: dogs are showered with attention (and treats) by the super friendly and knowledgable staff. They carry a big assortment of natural dog food – kibble and wet food – all by small, trusted suppliers. As well as a choice of frozen meats and meals by Paul und Paulina, a Bavarian supplier I get all my meat from because the delivery is super easy and the meat is the best quality I found on the dog meat market. Besides these necessary nourishments, Sonnenberg has a giant bar of snacks, all from their own trustworthy sources, leashes, harnesses, collars, books, cosmetics, and toys, as well as the biggest dog bed selection in Berlin – from local label Cloud 7, British Mungo and Maud and more affordable choices. A must for any spoiled pup.

Lietzenburger Straße 62

10719 Berlin Charlottenburg

Mon–Fri 10:00–19:00,
Sat 11:00–18:00


Located just by Volkspark Friedrichshain this is a detour your dog will love – with a small but well selected range of products from their own collar designs, dog wear, leashes and toys, as well as food by carefully selected suppliers, and organic and local frozen meat, pure and with veggies, and loads of snacks. As an add-on, they’re offering dog photo shooting to create frame-worthy pictures of your beloved pet.

Hufelandstraße 33

10407 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Mon–Fri 11:00–18:00,
Sat 12:00–15:00

Bones for Dogs

If you decide to feed your dog the Barf way with fresh meats, bones, plus the necessary vegetables and carbs, you will be very interested in this shop. There’s a couple of dog meat shops around, I find most of their meat questionable in quality (which is why I order mine from Bavaria), but had pretty good experience with this one in Friedrichshain. Not only because the staff knows basically everything about Barf feeding, but the meat is fresh and doesn’t turn grey and smelly after a day in the fridge. In case you’ve never been to a dog meat shop – it looks like a regular butcher, just that the parts of the animal sold here are usually neglected: paunch, trachea, tripe, gullet, offals and tails, and more, fresh and frozen, as well as all the necessary oils and supplements. Your dog will love it, that’s for sure.

Glatzer Straße 7

10247 Berlin Friedrichshain

Tue–Fri 11:00–18:00,
Thu 12:00–18:00,
Sat 11:00–15:00

Pets Deli

If you want to feed your dog a natural and fresh diet, but don’t have the time or the wish to go into the efforts of preparing it, this one might be the right thing for you: Pets Deli is a delivery service and a dog restaurant preparing and serving fresh meals to your best canine friend. The varieties are a bit more extravagant, for example kangaroo with carrot, deer with apple and pumpkin, or water buffalo with potatoes and carrots, but the food is always fresh and of good quality. In store, you can get them fresh and frozen, as well as a choice of treats that my dog likes a lot – like chewing roots and antlers, as well as dried meat snacks. They also have a cute, little dog imbiss by Grunewaldsee, that is open every Sunday and serves fresh food and snacks to hungry pups.

Teplitzer Straße 38

14193 Berlin Grunewald

Mon–Fri 11:00–19:00,
Sat 09:00–17:00


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  1. Vittoria on


    Ninas Freunde is missing, best dog’s shop I’ve been so far! Will check the other ones

  2. Edita on


    Hey Mery, glad I found this blog post! I am new to Berlin and I am trying to find good raw dog food for my Westie Cosmos. I find it difficult to get a good supplier, not knowing German is not helping! I’d love some advise form you, if you wouldn’t mind! You have my email address, I’d love it if you got in touch with me. Cheers!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Hi Edita,

      welcome to Berlin! You can find raw dog food (I’m guessing: meat?), in frozen form from my fav supplier at Sonnenberg. Pet’s Deli has full fresh meals, but there are also some special dog butchers in town: Hundekuss in Kreuzberg’s Wrangelstraße, Barfer’s Wellfood at Kreuzberg’s Heimstraße, Bones for Dogs at Friedrichshain’s Glatzer Straße – these are the ones I know and like, but there are loads more, google BARF and Berlin, or your district. I’m sure you’ll find one you like

  3. Eve on


    Hi Mary,

    Thanks for your awesome post :) I’ve gotten to know Sonnenberg, and its a really cool store and the staff is the sweetest! I am wondering where I can find a great smelling natural shampoo + conditioner for my Labrador {puppy}, or perhaps you know of a store that sells the brand Earthbath? I would prefer a more accessible alternative though. Thanks again!


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