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This new place on Potsdamer Straße is stemming from the Mitte café, which used to be one of the first beautifully styled cafés in that part of town and quickly gained popularity with the hip crowds back when it was still hard to find a hot porridge with toppings or an artisanal sandwich, which must’ve been around 2009 or 2010… Anyway, they have a new spot in an area that was surprisingly devoid of chic spots to eat and drink until a couple months ago, and they do what they do in Mitte: serve dainty lunch fare, cakes and coffee in a very good looking interior.

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Berlin’s development can be quite strange at times – and Potsdamer Straße can serve as a  good example. Four years ago, galleries and high-end fashion stores discovered this wide stretch off Potsdamer Platz and moved in great numbers. But no coffee shop, restaurant or bar followed, making the street great for looking at art and spending too much on lifestyle items, but rather difficult when hungry, if the three spots to eat and drink were crowded. I always thought it odd how long it took for gastronomic ventures to follow the gentrification happening in this part of the city and almost thought the hype would be as temporary as the one happening to Heidestraße (do you even remember that short period?), when all of a sudden, three new food spots opened a couple months ago.

Oliv Eat is located in a big and hardly likable high-end development of a group of Gründerzeit buildings, facing the busy street and is looking just as pretty as its Mitte counterpart with dark, earthy colors, giant windows, a gorgeous brass bar, fitted anthracite shelves and stunning tableware. Their menu is simple and relies on all the current food trends listing quiche, avocado on sourdough, goat cheese on beetroot salad, and pulled pork sandwich, plus some specials like a beef tagliata and grilled salmon with lemon grass butter, and a range of daily lunch dishes. I chose the Autumnal salad with pumpkin, rucola, edamame, hummus and pomegranate – which was nice, but also not really filling and for that rather pricey at 8,80 Euro. Oliv Eat, like his Mitte counterpart, isn’t for hungry eaters running low on money.

Since it was Thursday, I added a slice of carrot cake as dessert. And while the salad wouldn’t have convinced me to recommend this place on the blog, the cake was really, really good: soft and moist, with just the right balance of spice and fruit, and topped with a delicious cream. I ate the whole thing and was better equipped to endure this oddity of a fall weather.

Oliv Eat

Oliv Eat

Potsdamer Strasse 91

10785 Berlin Tiergarten


Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri 08:30–18:00
Sat–Sun 10:00–18:00


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  1. Angel of Berlin on


    The cake looks great :) Even from your pictures the salad wouldn’t have convinced me but the cake omg

  2. Lisa on


    The Salad looks SO tasty, just bookmarked the Restaurant on GMaps :)

    Lisa | Joy Della Vita

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