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Photo: Micki Rosi Richter

Bring on the balloons, the cake, and lots of confetti. It’s our favorite event’s third year birthday and we’re celebrating with the grilled, the crunchy and some good ol’ booty shaking. When? Where? Breathe burger fiends! Burgers and Hip Hop is back on the 3rd of December at Prince Charles to warm our cold bellies. Gathering our beloved crew and seven burger artists from all around town, we’re hoping to soothe your winter blues with the comfiest comfort food there is, burgers.

Because it’s our birthday this event’s competition is no joke. Here’s the list: Of course Gorilla Barbecue is back and so are their freshly baked buns and Irish beef. Don’t expect the same burger though, Gorilla Barbecue is promising an improved recipe aiming for no less than gold. Also on the list is Black Beards whose slogans #smokedmeateveryday and #homemadebbq are so dedicated it may make you tear up a lil’ bit. Also coming are small-scale, artisanal butchery, Kumpel & Keule, as well as Korean home cooking inspired Son Kitchen, both teams hoping to topple the former victor. Amandla will be there too and so will their Chicken steaks marinated in thick mozambican-south african peri sauce and their red bean burgers with Chaka laka relish, fruit and onion chutney, and chutney mayo (for all you veggie lovers). Bad-ass catering duo Wild & Wiese are offering a wildburger with pickled vegetables, beetroot Mayonnaise & Rucola. Last but in the tiniest bit least, are Heat & Beat who are promising a “Non-Tox Burger” complete with 170g of Aberdeen Angus beef, crispy bacon, fresh cilantro, lime mayo, and a spicy peanut butter Thai sauce.

All I can say is Gear up gorillas, the voters (a.k.a you) have got a lot of tasty options. Don’t forget to put your voting chip in the box of your favorite vendor!

In addition to our beloved Zwei Dicke Bären‘s ice cream sandwiches we’re inviting Tatas to share their creative take on dessert called Muffles, a mix of a muffin and a waffle. Filled with different Espuma cream fillings, the dessert is crunchy on the outside like a waffle and fluffy inside like a muffin.

HUNGRY YET? ANXIOUS TO SEE WHO WINS? That’s what we’re here for. Plan ahead and make sure you get a BURGER FEAST ticket through Stil in Berlin to bank on all the special offers it comes with:

Our special presale-only ticket grants you priority entry for Burgers & Hip Hop – no waiting in line for you! Extra-special burger-funtimes: the ticket gives you half a burger from each of the seven vendors (which in total is more than 3 burgers, a.k.a. a lot), one Tatas muffle and a drink from the bar! PLUS two double-votes in the Berlin’s Best Burger Competition!

The ticket is valid till 18.00! Come Early! No refunds. No re-entry.

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Prince Charles

Prince Charles

Prinzenstraße 85F

10969 Berlin Kreuzberg


Opening Hours:

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