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The popularity of Laksa is a bit of a weird case, wildly beloved in Melbourne, but reportedly harder to find in its country of origin, Malaysia, it is making a slow rise in popularity in Berlin. Especially during those cold days when the Siberian winds are making you shiver, a bowl filled with coconut broth and noodles is what we all crave. The Store Kitchen now has it on its lunch menu – and it’s vegan!

Laksa is a soup that comes in many varieties, and is not very close to vegan in its original form, since it relies heavily on shrimp stock or shrimp paste in the sambal condiment. However, it is possible to prepare it completely vegan and The Store Kitchen team has done a tremendous job doing so. The spicy broth is hearty and salty, the noodles are yummy and the tofu, soy bean sprouts and fresh coriander make this a perfect lunch. I can’t promise how long they’ll feature this dish on their lunch menu, since they like to change it regularly, so better go today to get this deliciousness into your belly.

The Store

The Store

Torstraße 1

10119 Berlin Mitte


Opening Hours:

Mon – Sat 10:00–19:00


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  1. Flo on


    Laksa is not at all hard to find in its country of origin, Malaysia, my home country. I’m quite surprised that it made its way to Melbourne and now, Berlin, since I always thought that some laksa are a bit of an ‘acquired taste’. Laksa is so well-loved in Malaysia that almost every state has their own version of laksa and I happened to love all of them. This vegan version featured here is definitely in my list to try the next time I’m in Berlin (if they still have it)! Btw, here’s a quick read on other types of laksa in Malaysia if you’re interested to know more

  2. Jess on


    The comment above is absolutely right! Laksa is a popular street food that can be found literally at every corner of Malaysia. So calling it “hats to find in its country of origins” is bollocks

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