Still Delicious: Lon Men’s Noodle House

Lon Men’s Noodle House has been a pivotal spot in what some like to call Berlin’s China Town for years. Although I think a better name for the stretch of Kantstraße that is home to some of the best Asian food places in the city (check Aroma, Dao, Saigon Green, Go Asia, Do De Li & Papaya for instance) would be something like “Asia Street”. Lon Men’s is definitely a major player and a safe bet whenever you’re craving hot and heart warming noodle soups on a cold, dark and rainy November night. Which is why it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that there was a line outside on a random Tuesday evening!

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We had to wait for about 20mins before getting a seat at the narrow bar across the open kitchen. However, that’s not a problem since you can just pass the time by marveling at at least three cooks and three waiters in the tiny space, where they are busy frying home made dumplings, pouring broth and filling small gua baos, the favorite Florian described in his article three years ago. The system they use to work off the orders is unfathomable for outsiders, with handwritten papers marked with clothing pegs in different colors, but service is fast and very friendly.

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I’ve eaten here a couple of times, especially when late night peanut and sesame sauce craving set in, or just to check what daily specials they put out. This night, it was braised tofu with a sauce so delicious, we ordered another serving after finishing the first one too quickly. Lon Men’s is a great place for vegetarians, by the way, with veggie dumplings either steamed or pan fried, pickled vegetables – tasty, but not impressive – and vegetarian noodle soups. But as said, my personal favorite are the broad rice flour noodles with sesame and peanut paste, vegetables and fresh cucumbers on top. Add a bit of the spicy condiments and you got the perfect night meal.

Lon-Men’s Noodle House

Lon-Men’s Noodle House

Kantstrasse 33

10625 Berlin Charlottenburg


Opening Hours:

Daily 12:00-23:00


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