Best of: The 10 Most Popular Food Places of 2016

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2016 has been a very long year, and oftentimes not a pretty one. And it still has four days left, so I won’t bid farewell too soon (to not give it any ideas!), but it’s about time for my annual report of what’s been most popular on this very blog. Because for the very limited world of this humble blog, it’s been a good year. Not only did we celebrate ten years of it: first with a lavish birthday dinner, and then with a grande breakfast market, but there was also the second edition of The Map, a very successful third clothing donation rally, loads of fun times at Burgers & Hip Hop, and a dessert-only extravaganza. I’ve enjoyed it a lot to be able to work on this outlet describing Berlin’s greatness, and am more than proud that enough people are interested reading my musings.

This is a list of the reviews of places I wrote in the past year that have been clicked the most. I edited the list so it makes more sense, if you’re interested in which articles were the most read over the year, take a peek into the sidebar to the right, where they are neatly listed. So yes, the guide to epic and indulgent brunch ruled the year, followed by the all new guide to the best coffee in Berlin, and the annual Berlin’s Best Bread tasting (coming up again soon!). Suggestions on how to start your morning right is what you desire, I understand and support that fully.
And since we’re at it, I’d like to take the chance and ask you what you’re missing on here, what you wished would also be covered, and which topics you’d like to see expanded. Please let me know in the comments!

Thank you so, so much for staying with me and Stil in Berlin in 2016! Hope you’ve had as much fun as I did, see you in 2017! Guten Rutsch!

stilinberlin thai park-0010451

10, Thai Park

Once a community meeting of Berlin based Thais, now a giant market with loads of vendors of Thai food, manicures, massages, and toys, as well as the occasional Caipirinha stall. It has taken on a festival-like magnitude, so I’m not sure how long the public health department will continue to turn a blind eye to this tourist attraction. Go early, or during weekdays, and remember to take your trash, use the public bathrooms, and be considerate regarding the people living there. If we all work together, we can keep this wonderful Berlin oddity alive. Read the article here.

stilinberlin chi fan-0010544

9, Chi Fan

Of all Asian cuisines, the Chinese is probably the one best represented in Berlin, and since the basics are covered, no wonder Berliners are looking for more outstanding interpretations of this diverse cooking. Like Chi Fan, a dinner series happening in the home of Shanghainese chef Ash Lee, whose contemporary take on Chinese classics is refreshing and seriously delicious. Read the article here.

Chinese food in Berlin, tianfuzius

8, Tianfuzius

As said, it seems that Berliners are very interested in learning more about the many varieties of Chinese kitchens – hence I’m proud to say we now even have an all vegetarian (mostly vegan) Chinese restaurant. Located in Schöneberg, and equipped with a young and chic interior, this sister restaurant of the beloved Tian Fu, is turning over a new leaf and I’m all for it. Read the article here.

stilinberlin little joy-0778

7, Little Joy

In 2016, brunch was the reigning queen of meals in Berlin – after years and years of cheap and conventional breakfast buffets falsely marketed as “brunch”, this weekend enjoyment finally came around all gloriously dressed and lavishly decorated. This is also thanks to the new female run food-crew Little Joy, who popped up in the beginning of this year at Bitte in Kreuzberg only to slowly take-over the city (still at Bitte, but also at 19grams Chaussee) and its morning food menus with their creative takes on dishes based on local ingredients. Definitely a must-eat. Read the article here.

stilinberlin the store kitchen-0927

6, The Store Kitchen

One of the bestest lunch options is actually housed in a high-end concept store on the ground floor of Soho House. With their creative, healthy, and very contemporary menu, as well as their beautiful interior of multi-colored marble tables, loads of plans, and cosy sofas, this is definitely one not to be missed on your Berlin food tour. Read the article here.
stilinberlin kame 9524

5, Kame

Just opened this year, and despite being located far, far away, beyond the park and well into Charlottenburg, this one’s been attracting loads of people interested in the delicate and delicious art of Japanese treat making. Kame made a smart move opening a little branch inside of Kreuzberg’s Markthalle Neun, but heading West to enjoy the full experience is also very recommendable. Read the article here.

stilinberlin goezleme restaurant-1263

4, Gözleme Restaurant

I’m more than happy that a inconspicuous place like this has made it into the top 10 – this one’s neither about fancy interior, super creative dishes, or the hippest crowd, but about serving top quality Anatolian staples like Manti, Turkish ravioli in paprika butter and yoghurt sauce, and, as the name has it, Gözleme. Run by an impressive crew of women constantly rolling and folding dough, this place, its food, and its people can and will save you from one too many grey, ice cold winter nights. Read the article here.


3, Das Brunch

As said before, the current state of brunch in this city is so high, it qualifies as a reason to visit Berlin. And Das Brunch played no minor role in pushing this very welcome development. Headed by the wonderfully bad-ass female chefs Sophie and Xenia von Oswald, this seasonal brunch event takes place in various locations in the city, serves brunch plates filled with deliciousness from near and far (East), and hence always has lines out the door. Next one should be coming up this winter! Read the article here.

stilinberlin takumi nine-1246

2, Takumi Nine

Having a favorite spot for soup is essential in a city where winter is generally 6 months long. Takumi Nine’s arrival in Berlin via Düsseldorf had many people in a frenzy for dainty broth with freshly made noodles and topped with a plethora of options. No wonder it was the second most read restaurant review of this year, when we all needed a little more to warm our bellies, hearts, and soul. Read the article here.

Kanaan Berlin Hummus

1, Kanaan

I’m really getting all sentimental about what it means to me, this blog, Berlin, and Germany (!), that a Palestine-Israeli-joint serving dishes from all kinds of Arabic, Persian, and Middle Eastern countries – among it the best hummus in the city – in not much more than a shack by the railway tracks in Prenzlauer Berg is topping this list. The arrival of Kanaan in Berlin has done the city very good, their delicious food and generous hospitality has quickly made it into one of the most popular food businesses around, and I can’t wait to see what they’re planning for the upcoming year. Read the article here. And a new review of January 2017 here.


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