Guide: Ten Great Christmas Gifts From Berlin

Tis’ the season! Let’s go gift shopping! Bring your loved ones something special from the city we all love the most. But instead of going for a stupid candle in the shape of the Fernsehturm or a useless breakfast plate with an image of Siegessäule warped by an insane filter, how about shopping your gifts at local store? Here, I’ve listed ten amazing gifts all made by inspiring, small scale, Berlin based businesses!


New Tendency: Sid & Chad

These lil’ fat guys are here to hold all the pretty flowers one can think of – their creator, Berlin based design house New Tendency, did a special edition of this key piece in light pink exclusively for Kreuzberg’s Voo Store, where you can also order them online.


The Good Store: Jewelry

Good things will happen soon is the motto of this second hand fashion store with one of the best selections in town. Now, The Good Store has launched a range of gold plated jewelry with their motto, or floral and faunal subjects, entirely produced in Germany and sold in their store in Neukölln as well as online.


Alte Milch: A Wheel of Cheese

Might be the cheesiest present ever, but what works for John Legend we should consider too: how about you present your loved ones a wheel of cheese? I would certainly love it! However, an assortment of cheese, or even a smaller wheel of cheese will also do. Let the Alte Milch cheese monger at the Markthalle Neun guide you to the tastiest gifts made from old milk.


Buchholz Berlin: Wooden Tray

And in case you want something to present the cheese on: Buchholz in Mitte is not only a beautiful café with their own little garden, but actually a furniture design company crafting their pieces from local and sustainable materials, mostly wood. Get them while having lunch at their café in Joachimsstraße or order them online.

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Fjord Coffee Subscription & Kaffeeform Cups

Getting great coffee beans for your at home caffeine experience is now super easy thanks to the subscription service of Fjord Coffee, the speciality coffee roastery by Silo Coffee and Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers. Gift a weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscription of ethically sourced beans roasted in Marzahn! And if you’re really in the mood, add a set of cups made from recycled coffee grounds by Kaffeeform!


Flüchtlingspaten Syrien: Refugee Sponsorship

Flüchtlingspaten Syrien is an amazing volunteer organization, making use of one of the last loopholes for Syrian refugees: if a German citizen signs a personal guaranty to cover all living expenses, refugees from Syria can still enter the country. The organization then covers all of these expenses using donations. And this is what you can contribute: a monthly donation of only ten Euro will make it possible to get more Syrians out of war zones, reuniting them with family already here in Berlin. I’d consider this to be one of the most beautiful gifts of 2016.


Fine: All Natural Deodorant

Some might say this could be a tricky gift, but it’s actually such an amazing product, I need to include it here. Fine is a new kind of cream deodorant, only made from organic and vegan ingredients, designed in Berlin, produced in Germany, with a blend of Vetiver and Geranium scents. You can order it online or get it at Süper Store in Kreuzberg – who, by the way, have a whole range of gorgeous gifts.


Cloud Seven: Dog Sleeping Bag

Since this one was personally tested by my own mutt, I know that any of Cloud7’s puppy products will be a huge hit with your own or your friends’s and family’s dogs. This brand’s locally designed and produced beds, bags, collars, bowls and toys are available online and in selected dog stores in Berlin.

Folk Days: Sustainable Winter Accessories

This fair fashion label from Kreuzberg is going a new way: they’re cooperating with original producers of high quality materials, sending them their designs and ideas, to be produced by small scale manufacturers in Mexico, Cambodia and many more, buying the products directly from them for a fair price. This beanie is made from super soft Bolivian Alpaca wool, one of the warmest and softest in the world. You can shop at their store in Kreuzberg, or online.


Stil in Berlin: The Map

Yeah well, not to brag or anything, but our very own map featuring the best places to eat, drink, shop and be merry, makes a pretty good Christmas gift. It covers recently opened restaurants like Lode & Stijn or Kanaan, as well as old favorites like Sasaya in Prenzlauer Berg or Dao on Kantstraße. It’s not only about in-vogue places such as The Store Kitchen or the internationally renowned Voo Store, but it also showers love on less flashy places that still serve gorgeous food — Akroum Snack on Sonnenallee or GoBento in Prenzlauer Berg, for instance. It was designed and produced in Berlin, and you can order it here.

Sponsored by Bikini Berlin

Bikini Berlin: Gift Wrapping

Now that you have your assortment of carefully selected gifts, you got no idea how to make them look pretty under the Christmas tree? Bikini Berlin – who, by the way, is also an excellent spot to shop all the gifts you still need – is offering a free gift wrapping service this season – no matter where you got it, they’ll wrap it in the colorful and fun papers designed by Berlin based duo Stills & Strokes. The station is located in the center of Bikini Berlin, under a giant installation featuring the paper designs as well as all the wobbly eyes, which can and should also go on your gift. And while you’re there: They’ve added a number of festive vendors, from Berliner Winter’s boozed up apple juice and Wohlfarth chocolates. More info here.


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