Coffee & Cake in Mitte: Five Elephant

As announced in the “The New Food Spots We Have To Try” article, Five Elephant has ventured from Kreuzberg and into the heart of Mitte, opening a small but very pretty new shop on Alte Schönhauser Straße, just next to high scale fashion and beauty stores. They’re offering their well known and trusted coffee drinks, as well as cakes in newer, probably more Mitte-appropriate sizes. A great addition to the thriving Berlin coffee scene.


The interior of the narrow space is very white, with occasional brass shelves and some potted plants. In its center thrones a bar made of light beige terrazzo with chips of red, green, and yellow marble, that is beautifully light, playful, and unusual. I’m not even afraid to say, that next to Bonanza’s Kreuzberg joint, this is my absolute favorite when it comes to coffee shop designs in Berlin.

Now to what they offer – their coffee drinks are obviously great, I expected nothing less with all their experience and expertise, and their own roasts are on sale as well. What’s more surprising are their new chic baked treats, neatly displayed under glass in the center of the bar: next to an intense yellow passion fruit tart rests an array of dainty looking carrot cakes, whoopie pies, croissants, and muffins. All are well decorated, and come in similar sizes, small enough to eat alone, and offering the possibility to try them all when coming with friends. Also affected of this sizing change is their absolute star: the cheese cake. In Mitte, it’s not served by the slice, but as a small round cake, bigger than a petit four, but definitely more French looking than its Kreuzberg sister. The crust is shaped like a bowl, holding the cream, and thus is great for those of you who always wanted more of that buttery, slightly salty base. While it’s as delicious as always, I think I’ll stick to the classic slices, since I find the ratio to be a bit crust-heavy in the Mitte version.

And well yes, the joint was packed when I went, with exactly the type of people you’d expect to enjoy a chic speciality coffee shop in Mitte, and since the place is rather tiny and has no seats, it can feel crowded. It is, however, a prime spot for a pick-me-up in the area, finally a source for Five Elephant’s delicious bakes in Mitte, and a beautiful spot to show off to your Berlin sceptic friends, who think all we can do is vintage furniture, brick walls, and maybe metro tiles.

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Five Elephant Coffee & Cake

Five Elephant Coffee & Cake

Alte Schönhauser Straße 14

10119 Berlin Mitte


Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri 08.30–19:00
Sat–Sun 10:00–17:00


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  1. Jordan on


    Hello my name is Jordan. I am a high school student who lives in United States. For a school assignment I am studying Germany and I had to find a blog that helps me to learn more about German culture. I adore your blog design and also love the things I have read. I love that Mitte is so special to you and I love that you share the places in your town that are new and bring a sense of community to small businesses. What inspired you to create this blog? What about your community do you love the most? What are your favorite German traditions? What are your favorite classic German foods? One day I hope to write in a similar way that you do.

  2. Maurice on


    Sorry, I beg to differ. As with all so-called third wave coffee (Barn included), Five Elephant’s far too acidic and citrus-y. A simple cappuccino at Einstein is far superior. And then there’s a drab uniformity of style at these places: a sort of oppressive normcore non-cosiness, lab-like sterility, baristas with beanies and really uncomfortable stools.

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