Turkish in Kreuzberg: Fes Turkish BBQ

Sponsored by Yeni Rakı

Fes is serving a cuisine that is usually most celebrated and known for its fast food options. Here, Turkish food is going way beyond Döner, and into the realm of grilled meats, served with buttery rice, crispy flat bread, and a stunning assortment of mezze. This menu is combined with an of-the-moment aesthetic: bare brick walls, gorgeous embroidered pillows, furniture made from used wood, pleasant music, and friendly staff with full beards and skinny jeans. People flock to Fes to enjoy a long feast with friends and family, to slow down, relax, share stories, memories, and food. And this concept goes extremely well with a couple of glasses of Yeni Rakı, which is why the world´s number 1 aniseed brand is celebrating a whole festival in the joyful spirit of Istanbul.

What really stands out at Fes are the communal grills on each table, and these are also the reason why this restaurant is best enjoyed with a whole gaggle of friends or family, (plus, that allows you to get more from the vast menu). Fes offers you a variety of meats, from chicken, to Black Angus beef, and obviously loads of lamb, marinated in different herbs and spices, that is all served raw, to be grilled by you and your company to your preference, and then eaten with a pinch of salt or pepper. Eating at Fes is a slow, communal affair, a welcome break from the mushy winter weather outside, especially when you add a bottle of Yeni Rakı to your order, the very popular anise flavored spirit. Traditionally had with mezze, it’s filled up with water and served on ice.

Neither vegetarians nor those of you who don’t want to eat a meat-only dinner will be bored, Fes has a list of 19 mezze, most of them sans-meat, to be had with your dinner. From a fantastic Patlican Ezme, grilled aubergines with garlic and yoghurt, to a mandatory Sigara Börek, crispy filo-rolls filled with vegetables and cheese, and a hearty humus with sesame oil and basil. We should’ve also tried the Aci Esme, a spicy puree of tomatos, peppers, onions, and chili, as well as the Cacik, yoghurt with cucumbers, garlic, and mint. But instead we went for the also quite good Pilaki, white beans with carrots in a warm tomato sauce. One of the plates is 5,90, and six are only 24,90 and the perfect amount for four people – if you want to eat dessert. Which you should, because they’re serving apricots with vanilla ice cream and brown butter, as well as semolina cake with hazelnuts and ice cream that are both not to be missed.

Feasting your way through Turkish culture, food and drinks, and music is also what is planned at the upcoming Spirit of Istanbul Festival owned by Yeni Rakı – a combination of concerts with artists like Culcha Candela, Hüsnü Şenlendirici & Brooklyn Funk Essentials, and Sultan Tunc, a food market with vendors like the Adana Grillhaus, Sultan Künneke and Atlantik Fisch, and loads of welcoming atmosphere, joyous spirits, and obviously creative Yeni Rakı drinks. Happening on March 4th from 19:00 at Arena Berlin, Eichenstraße 4. Free entry.

Fes – Turkish BBQ

Fes – Turkish BBQ

Hasenheide 58

10967 Berlin Kreuzberg


Opening Hours:

Tue–Sun 17:00–23:00


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    Damn, that turkish food looks delicious. Never had turkish food before, but now i want to try it so badly. :P Thank you!

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