Brunch in Neukölln: Sweethearts

Update Unfortunately, Sweethearts had to close its doors for now. Let’s hope they’re coming back!

The thing is, why wouldn’t you eat Käsespätzle for breakfast? Especially if they come with a poached egg on top, roasted mushrooms, spicy dukkah, dill oil, and oven dried onion (9 Euro)? Not in for the Käsespätzle fun? How about a poached egg on top of beet puree, mangold, ruccola and pomegranate salad with roasted veggies and fermented pomegranate skin jus (8 Euro)? Or maybe buttermilk biscuits with creme fraiche scrambled eggs, sausage and gravy (9 Euro)?? Yeah I know, this all sounds amazing! And it’s here for you to eat every single weekend at the just opened Sweethearts café in a quiet side street off Hermannstraße.

As you probably know, I usually don’t write about places that just opened, since I like to give them some time to figure out a working service concept, eliminate last mistakes in the kitchen, and just generally get to a point, where they run a smooth business. However, this is an exception. Because, and this also serves as a disclaimer, I proudly call the three women running this new café in Neukölln my friends. I trust them and their work ethic enough to already and confidently state: this place is changing the Berlin brunch / weekend lunch scene for the much, much better. Heart of the kitchen is Little Joy’s food, which I’ve written plenty about already (here, here, and here). Their all-new concept for Sweethearts is what you’ve read above, plus three more dishes (one of them a lasagne made from peppered steak, béchamel and chicken liver, served with toasted almonds, parsley pesto, and pickled radish salad), and an enhanced assortment of candy bars, with their peanut butter bar (which has saved my life couple times already), now accompanied by a jaffa bar, a cherry bar (made with sour cherries fermented with coconut), as well as a vegan banana, cashew, date bar.

Sweethearts is located on the groundfloor of Agora, a co-working space in a former industrial building with a soon to be beautiful garden. Which also means, that their spring and summer brunches will taste even better when enjoyed in the soon to reappear greenery. But their inside is very pretty too – light pink folding chairs, bright white walls, a beautiful wooden floor and a white tiled counter, meet brass lamps, and a neon sign of a heart in a palm, referring to the important fact, that everything here’s made by hand and comes from the heart.

Sweethearts is open for daily lunch and peanut bar cravings, brunch is served on the weekends between ten and four with a menu that will change according to season.

The soon-to-be-gorgeous garden


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  1. Marta on


    I cannot wait to go there and I love all the pink elements :D

  2. Richard on


    So delicious! Looks great!

  3. Janne on


    Love Agora Collective. Have had a number of pleasant experiences there.
    However, when a group of individuals whose terrible reputation precedes them joins up with an established place like Agora, that’s not redeemable with a pretty menu.
    Berlin is growing up and it’s time people in the hospitality industry did too.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Woah, what a comment. I actually don’t appreciate random blaming without explanations or references, plus I know all of those three “individuals” and wouldn’t even begin to know what you mean by “terrible reputation”.
      Regarding the growing up, did you fall prey to that terrible Mercedes Benz campaign in Mitte?

  4. Jen on


    My dish was really not great – undercooked vegetables drowned in tomato sauce and olive oil. Maybe the Käsespätzle + poached egg combo is the only choice that’s good, but I don’t plan on going back.

  5. Aron on


    sweethearts closed two weeks ago. it’s sad, it was a great place!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      I knooowwww… :(

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