Seriously: Ten New Food Spots We Have To Try This Spring

There’s some serious springing going on in Berlin, for sure. Even the trees joined in the fun, and soon enough the whole city will be lush and vibrant again! Not only does this re-appearance of green make my heart jump, it also instills a new delight in exploring the city and its many new places that blossomed everywhere. Everything’s full of promise! So it’s time for a new list of just opened places we all need to go check out (aka, I also haven’t been yet). Have you checked off all on the last one? (I haven’t…) Don’t worry, though. The new list definitely has a Japanese vibe, a Japanese and Danish one, to be precise (as odd as this sounds), plus some Alpine and Middle Eastern goodness, topped with sandwich-artistry. Not to forget are two new additions to the scene, which I’ve already written about: brunch haven Sweethearts in Neukölln, and the delicious, contemporary Thai cuisine of Dalad Kambhu at Kin Dee in Tiergarten. But there’s more!


Coming from the makers of Yumcha Heroes, Long March Canteen, and Roy and Pris, Nihombashi is the first Japanese concept in the group, but certainly boosts with the same impressive interior concept as the rest of them – the pictures are showing a colorful Memphis-version of a kawaii fast food restaurant, and the menu promises sushi and kushiyaki (things on sticks).
Weinbergsweg 4, Mitte, Mon–Sun 12:00–00:00

Takumi Nine Sapporo

This one’s coming a bit late, considering the rising temperatures outside. However, every day can be ramen day, and so you will want to know that Takumi Nine, who came to Prenzlauer Berg from Düsseldorf two winters ago, opened a second spot in Mitte recently, serving noodles imported from Sapporo on Hokkaido, the most northern of the Japanese islands.
Chausseestraße 124, Mitte, Mon–Fri 12:00–15:30, 17:30–22:00, Sat 13:00–22:00, Sun 12:00–21:00


Coming from Copenhagen via London, where they’re quite popular, Sticks’n’Sushi serves not only things on sticks, but loads of sushi and sashimi, little bites, big salads, and a plethora of yakitori. The interior looks a bit posh, the menu is huge, but they arrived with loads of reputation and enthusiasm for Berlin, so let’s give them a warm welcome.
Potsdamer Straße 85, Tiergarten, daily 12:00–23:00


Another Danish addition to the scene is the first German bar of craft beer powerhouse Mikkeller in the heart of Mitte, where they’ll be serving 24 beers from tap, many of them sour beers, some even champagne beers, including local ones. Plus snacks! Very likely a very much needed addition to the Mitte bar scene.
Torstraße 102, Mitte, Mon–Fri 12:00–01:00, Sat–Sun 13:00–01:00


Probably a very Neukölln-like concept, but it definitely sounds delicious – Yodel is serving vegetarian Alpine food like Knödelgröstl (crispy, fried slices of Knödel), and Schupfennudeln (potato noodles), plus French toast (with cheese and eggplant bacon (?! someone enlighten me, please), or sweet with maple sirup and berries. Of course the inevitable avocado on toast and poached eggs are also on the menu. Oh, and every dish can be served as vegan.
Weserstraße 91, Neukölln, Tue–Thu 17:00–01:00, Fri 17:00–03:00, Sat 11:00–03:00, Sun 11:00–23:45 – on holidays until April 11

Richwater & Mitchell

British food, especially what some call the “new London cuisine” is not yet a thing over here, but this place is trying to change that. Located off the beaten paths in Moabit, this place has Scotch egg on the menu, also pork scratchings, and Cheddar from Neal’s Yard on London’s Borough market, as well as half a roasted pigeon, tarte filled with stilton and lamb, and chicken kiev with peas and mash. The interior looks wildly refreshing in its oddness – did they take it over from the previous tenant (might have been a dungeon-themed table-dance bar)? It probably looks way better in reality than in pictures.
Wiclefstraße 30, Moabit, Thu–Mon 18:30–23:00


I’m intrigued with this place, despite its utterly minimal menu descriptions: spicy egg, warm bowl of noodles, Taiwanese noodle soup, spicy noodle soup, baked tofu, or hearty Taiwanese rice cakes, is what you read. But here’s hoping there’s a world of deep flavors and intense aromas hidden behind this somber wording.
Dahlmannstrasse 22, Charlottenburg, Tue–Fri 17:00–22:30, Sat 12:00–23:00, Sun 12:00–21:00

La Lucha

Berlin is short in Mexican food, and there’s plenty of reasons for that (one of them being that it’s really hard to find the necessary fresh produce), however, people do crave it and there might be ways to prepare it without relying on year-round, fresh and flavorful tomatoes I guess? Anyway, La Lucha looks and sounds like an exciting project, which will take a modern approach to the traditional Mexican food. Plus, “la lucha” literally translates to “the struggle”, so they’re probably very aware.
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39-41, Kreuzberg, opening soon

Be Coffee My Friend

That area around Yorckstraße is a weird one, being the home to one of the best Chinese restaurants in Berlin but not much else (that I know of). This might change now with this café, that also serves vegetarian and vegan Arabic and Middle Eastern dishes like ful, fatteh, falafel, and haloumi. It has swings instead of chairs, which I find a nice nod to the close by Gleisdreieck Park.
Yorckstraße 60, Kreuzberg, daily 09:00–20:00


You probably know this name already, J.Kinski has been a guest at Burgers & Hip Hop a couple of times with their intense and creative burgers. Now they opened their first brick and mortar shop in Friedrichshain, where they’ll serve elaborate and sultry sandwiches.
Gabriel-Max-Straße 17, Friedrichshain, daily 11:00–22:00


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  1. Brendan on


    Great list! Further to the comment about Yorckstr., there is a great Neapolitan-style pizzeria (with a pizza oven from Naples) called Prometeo just across the street from Da Jia Le. There might be hope after all!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Sounds good! Thanks for adding :)

  2. Michael on


    Mikkeller had an opening party last week, but still seems to be closed. Yodel had a lunch menu for some time (so opening times were from 12 pm and changed recently to 1 pm). Seems to be gone for good with the holiday?

    1. Michael on

      I meant holidays and not a single holiday. :-)

  3. Stefan Rudi on


    I would recommend an original Vietnamese tapas restaurant called Mamas Banh in the Hufelandstraße. It opened recently and is already well visited at nights.

  4. Taylor Barringer on


    Nihombashi is SO over-rated! The space is incredible, but the food is mediocre and over-priced. Far better sushi for half the price is just around the corner at Aiko.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      I was fearing that kind of verdict… Well, maybe they’ll up their quality soon :)

  5. Hans Blumenberg on


    Many thanks for the list.
    Bummer that none of them (and so few in general) offer giftcards. I don’t live in Berlin, but I’d love to send my friends from there to restaurants they don’t know yet.

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