Sleep in Berlin: Muun x Aoiro

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Sleep is important, only sleep cures sleepiness, and a bunch of other things. Not being able to sleep is the worst. However, here’s a trick, or not so much a trick but a little helper. Coming from the heart of Kreuzberg, olfactory design studio Aoiro created a sleep scent for Berlin based mattress innovator Muun.

After creating a high quality mattress with four different combinations, a duvet which can be adjusted to your preferred sleep temperature, and a three layer pillow which offers two different firmness levels, Muun designed a product geared towards the room itself with the Austrian and Japanese (but Berlin based) scent creators of Aoiro. Result of this collaboration is Mutabi, a combination of the Japanese signs for dream (mu) and travel (tabi), a scent created from ten components, that create a place of warmth and quiet – rather than sleepiness – a scent that puts you to bed at night, but also wakes you up in the morning. The handmade and 100% natural signature-scents of Aoiro are never created to draw attention to them, but rather stay in the background and emphasize a certain atmosphere. Instead of recognizing a certain scent, you’ll just be feeling good, is how the two designers explain their motif to me.

They’re referring to the Japanese concept of Kōdō, that describes how a scent is experienced by “listening” to it with your mind rather than “smelling” it with your nose. Which is why they always aim to create a scent that isn’t recognizable. Instead of using loads of lavender – the most popular of bedroom perfumes – they wanted to create an atmosphere that transports the feeling you want to have when going to bed, a safety and warmth, while also looking forward to awaken with freshness.

The sleep scent consists of grapefruit, black pepper, cypress, and a little bit of incense, as well as vetiver, clary sage, and violet leafs. It comes in the form of a pillow mist, a scented candle, or a wood diffusor. You can order it on, or get it in their flagship store at Mulackstraße 16 in Mitte.


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