Berlin’s Best Taco: Burgers & Hip Hop Tacover

El Gringo taco on a plate at Burgers & Hip Hop Taco Edition, best tacos in berlin

It certainly wasn’t the weather we were hoping for, but this was no reason to not fire up the trompo, add loads of chili to the salsa, and bring all the fresh coriander – Burgers & Hip Hop was taken over by tacos this past Saturday, celebrating this Mexican street food in loads of varieties. You came, you feasted, and you voted – over 500 votes reached the boxes. So we found current holder of the Burgers & Hip Hop Tacover trophy, aka the best taco in Berlin. Read on to find out who made the tastiest.

Without further ado, here are all seven competitors and their submissions, with the final votes only revealed for the top three:

Tacos de la Abuela joined the feast with BBQ-Style Beef Tacos with 36 h sous-vide cooked brisket, spicy mango-pineapple salsa or a more mild poblano-coconut salsa, mixed vegetables, and pickled pink onions.

Pantástico brought us freshly baked picaditas from Oaxaca, one of them with black mole and cauliflower, the other with Texican beef chili.

After a bit of a late start, El Gringo joined the fun with their tacos al pastor with a pineapple salsa, as well as an intense vegetarian mushroom taco that was my personal favorite (pictured on top).

We entered the Ford Dimension with a fish taco with cod in beer batter, pico de gallo, cabbage, and white sauce, a veggie taco with panko fried pumpkin, spicy slaw, ancho crema, and roasted tomato chipotle salsa, as well as a beef taco with barbacoa brisket, avocado, pickled red onion, and salsa verde.

All the way from Hamburg, Alma joined us with taco mole oriental with a mole made from cumin and raisins, labneh, root vegetables, pickled cucumber and cilantro, as well as a taco carnitas with marinated pork shoulder, salsa verde and cilantro. Their unusual veggie taco and classic pork one earned them loads of fans and the third place with 71 votes!

The uber-popular crew of Santa Cantina brought us a duck confit, hoisin-mezcal sauce and savoy cabbage chicharron taco, plus a achiote pulled pork, pickled onions and tropical habanero taco, and a smoked tofu chorizo with peanut mole and savoy cabbage chicharron taco, that were all big hits with the crowd, earning them the second place with 125 votes!

However, the Berliners preference for everything East or South Asian persisted and most of the eaters wanted this pretty and giant taco to win: Fräulein Kimchi’s Busta Beef with sous-vide Bulgogi Bavette steak, grilled onions, deep fried avocado, and chipotle cream on home made duck fat tortilla. As extras, they brought up Korean marinated vegan mince, sesame carrots, mushrooms, peppers, roasted chili cashews, avocado, and a generous serving of red cabbage kimchi; as well as chipotle gochujang pulled pork, kimchi, Korean cucumbers, and salsa. In total this menu won them 148 votes and a deserved first place. CONGRATULATIONS!