Breakfast in Neukölln: Okay Café

Omelette for brunch at Okay Café in Berlin Neukölln

I love me a little, cute Kiezcafé – neighborhood café – not too big, with good coffee, some great baked treats, nice people who at one point know you by name, maybe a dog called Ketchup, and such. Imagine you had all this and then added on a menu of delicious breakfast dishes? And a rotating menu of sweet buns, with kanelbulle available everyday, plus a daily special like blueberry, cardamom, vanilla, marzipan, or – on Sundays – Nutella buns! Sounds more than okay, right?

Okay Café is much more than just okay, if you ask me. Opened a year ago by Swedish baker Marie-Louise Crona, it quickly became a neighborhood favorite with its pretty interior, lovely staff, and simple yet delicious kitchen menu featuring a weekly soup, a seasonal salad, oatmeal breakfast bowls, omelettes, and specials like waffle weekends, and Swedish semla, a cardamom spiced bun filled with cream and almond-paste (eaten only before Easter).

I chose the omelette with with goat cheese and avocado (7,20 Euro), because that’s an excellent combination, and my friend couldn’t help but order the grilled cheese sandwich with caramelized onions (6,70 Euro), both served with salad and made with the award-winning sourdough bread of The Bread Station around the corner. Another great place to have a delicious breakfast on a random weekday! Or to come back on the weekend, when they serve plättar, traditional Swedish pancakes.

A couple weeks back, I joined Okay Café’s waffle party, ate four waffles, one of them with vegetarian caviar made from seaweed that sounds ridiculous but was actually really delicious with a dollop of sour cream and dill, and then more with cream and jam, and left a very happy customer. Probably also because I added a bun as dessert. Can’t leave this place without eating a bun!

Okay Café

Okay Café

Pflügerstraße 68

12047 Berlin Neukölln


Opening Hours:

Tue–Fri 09:00 – 18:00, Sat & Sun 10:00–19:00


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