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Tacos in Los Angeles
Tacos in LA

Be honest, how much did you wait for this? Loads, I bet. Because tacos are, as beloved as they are, still not a common street food in Berlin, and we’re here to change that: the up-coming Burgers & Hip Hop event on April 15th at Prince Charles will be completely taken over by Tacos! We’ll present you seven taco artists, who’re bringing their a-game to finally feed you with all the tacos you can eat. Adding some latin beats, tropical flavors, and all the micheladas you crave. Read on to find out who’s serving you the tastiest corn packages, and get your hands on the limited TACOFEAST ticket!

So, who did we invite to celebrate this staple street food? First, Alma Mexican Cuisine is bringing you the soul of Mexican food, quite literally, with their taco mole oriental with a mole made from cumin and raisins, labneh, root vegetables, pickled cucumber and cilantro, as well as a taco carnitas with marinated pork shoulder, salsa verde and cilantro. Then, El Gringo Tacos from Kreuzberg’s Graefestraße are coming with their 100 percent self made tacos, Fräulein Kimchi will spice tacos up with their Korean flavors, pantástico will bring picaditas to the show – one of them with a black mole from Oaxaca – inspired by Pujol’s recipe – and cauliflower, as well as one with Texan beef chili, cooked in beer, coffee, and chile-paste. Both are served with either salsa pantástica verde with serrano chiles, or salsa pantástica roja with guajillo chiles. Santa Cantina will be there – obviously – with a duck confit, hoisin-mezcal sauce and kale chicharron taco, plus a achiote pulled pork, pickled onions and tropical habanero taco, and a smoked tofu chorizo with peanut mole and kale chicharron taco. As well as Tacos de la Abuela, who will bring BBQ-Style Beef Tacos with 36 h sous-vide cooked brisket, spicy mango-pineapple salsa or a more mild poblano-coconut salsa, mixed vegetables, and pickled pink onions all served in fresh corn tortillas with lime, coriander and guacamole. Last but not least, The Ford Dimension will bring fish, meat, and pumpkin tacos for you.

Sounds like everything you ever wanted? Well that’s because it is! We’re also adding Zwei Dicke Bären’s delicious ice cream sandwiches into the mix. Just because it’s about to be summer and that can’t be celebrated early enough. And we’ll obviously vote for the bestest of them, so get your heart-shaped voting-chips ready!

HUNGRY YET? ANXIOUS TO SEE WHO WINS? That’s what we’re here for. Plan ahead and make sure you get a TACO FEAST ticket to bank on all the special offers it comes with:

Our special presale-only ticket grants you priority entry for Burgers & Hip Hop – no waiting in line for you! Extra-special taco-funtimes: the ticket gives you a taco from each of the seven vendors, one Zwei Dicke Bären ice cream sandwich and two beers from the bar! PLUS two double-votes in the Berlin’s Best Burger Competition!

The ticket is valid till 18.00! Come Early! No refunds. No re-entry.

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