Grilled Cheese in Berlin: Aunt Benny

Grilled Cheese sandwich at Aunt Benny in Berlin Friedrichshain

If you know me, or you’ve read this blog for a bit, you know I’m very, if not the most prejudiced against Friedrichshain. There are a couple of places I dearly love and won’t stop visiting and supporting. One of them is Aunt Benny, who serve the area with the most delicious cakes, sandwiches, and other treats, in a laid-back, grown-up atmosphere. One more reason to pay them a visit is this: they’re serving the finest grilled cheese in Berlin – with a cheese mix that’s totally on point. Order a Whisky Sour with it, and you’ll be set for the night.

One thing though, this mix of cheese and carb is not what will you set up for a night dancing. It is a rather heavy and sleep-inducing dinner, yes, but grilled-cheese-lovers know this and crave it anyway. As said, the cheese mix is on point with a deliciously aged one leading the gang. There’s some chutney on the side, and it comes with a salad. The best side though: a whisky cocktail like a classic Whisky Sour (for me), or a New York Sour (for my friend), a wine spiked version of the former. They both come with a delicious version of the other times mostly too sweet amarena cherry in sirup.

Perfect Friday night out.

Aunt Benny

Aunt Benny

Oderstraße 7

10247 Berlin Friedrichshain

Frankfurter Allee

Opening Hours:

Tue–Fri 08:30–19:00,
Sat–Sun 09:00–19:00


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