Brunch in Mitte: Commonground

So, as you know, I really like Silo’s breakfast fare. But there’s a major downside: it’s in Friedrichshain. Yeah, I get it, #notallfriedrichshain. But each time I give the neighborhood a shot I end up unconvinced and feeling icky. However, Silo ventured out into Mitte, and opened a second location inside of the Circus Hotel at Rosenthaler Platz! With an all-day breakfast menu! Served in a pretty and quiet garden where you can escape the Mitte rush! And enjoy your brioche french toast with berry mascarpone in peace.

Brunch has become such a big thing in Berlin, you might think you’d get a decent dish with poached eggs on toast on every corner. But though many folks try to jump aboard the brunch-train, the average quality can still be disappointing: mainly because avocados mostly taste like nothing in our latitudes, and not everyone’s able to poach an egg properly. However, Silo has proven at countless times it’s a reliable post when it comes to scrumptious brunch creations, no wonder considering they’re one of the doulas of the Berlin brunch boom.

Their Mitte outpost is called Commonground and located inside of the Circus Hotel, it functions as their breakfast room, lunch space, dinner hall, as well as bar, so the team has to cover more grounds here than at their coffee-focused Friedrichshain space. But that also means they’re serving brunch dishes well into the night, like the above pictured brioche french toast with berry mascarpone, raspberry coulis, and white chocolate (8,20 Euro), which you can also find on the evening menu.

After sitting down in their backyard space that’s far enough from the hectic of Rosenthaler Platz, we decided to first take the savoury route with avocado on Sironi toast with beetroot relish and hummus (8,80 Euro), as well as The Commonground (12 Euro), a plate filled with scrambled (or poached) eggs, with smashed avocado, slow roasted tomatoes, salsa verde, and either mushrooms or bacon. I tend to not choose mushrooms from menus because they rather often taste like absolutely nothing and are used as an easy filling for vegetarian dishes. However, if they’re full of earthy flavours as in this case, they’re an excellent company to eggs and bread.

You might have noticed that I included two pictures of the french toast already, and maybe you also guessed the reason why: because it’s delicious! After having one too many dry and stale french toasts at Berlin brunch places, this crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, with the right touch of egginess version topped with mascarpone won my heart instantly. I think I ate most of it myself, although we ordered it to share. By the way, there’s also a bacon french toast on the menu, it comes with maple syrup, toasted sesame, bacon (obvs), and a shot of a spicy virgin mary (9,50 Euro). They also have a bloody one, as well as a Mimosa, before the place turns into a bar later in the day.

Before I let you run over there, let’s not forget the basics: their coffee beans are coming from their very own roastery (in cooperation with Father Carpenter), Fjord Coffee. Enjoy!



Rosenthaler Straße 1

10119 Berlin Mitte

Rosenthaler Platz

Opening Hours:

Mon – Thu 07:30–24:00
Fri 07:30–02:00
Sat 08:30–02:00
Sun 08:30–24:00


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  1. Nicole on


    Everything looks so gorgeous and delicious

  2. sara on


    need to try commonground! sounds and looks delicious.

    (i think everyone knows how much you hate friedrichshain by now…)

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