Falafel in Kreuzberg: Mo’s Kleiner Imbiss

Sandwich at Mo's Kleiner Imbiss, best Falafel in berlin

I’ve written about this place before, but I feel like it still doesn’t receive the love it deserves. This teeny-tiny place on Urbanstraße is the literal definition of hole in the wall: you’ll order at a window facing the street, your food is prepared in a kitchen space that can host two people max, and there are four narrow seats on the street, from where you can watch the fancy roof top terraces on the building across the street. But it is a super delicious falafel, don’t miss it.

Their rich and moist falafel is super green, fried to order (a necessity, if you ask me) and comes with seasonal vegetables, some of them pickled, wrapped in a tasty flat bread and with your choice of sauce: hummus or nut paste, and costs only 3,50 a sandwich. There’s also Halloumi, Makali, Ful, and even vegan Halloumi on the very instagrammable, handwritten menu, however, I’ve never tried it since I just like their falafel so much. Some people say their use of vegetables is too unorthodox for a real (whatever that means) falafel sandwich, but I really don’t care (and actually think there should be way more creativity involved in falafel sandwich making).

By the way, this favorite of mine is one of many on my map to the Best Places in Berlin, which you can get here.

Mo’s kleiner Imbiss

Mo’s kleiner Imbiss

Urbanstraße 68

10967 Berlin Kreuzberg


Opening Hours:

daily 12:00–23:00


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    Looks delicious.
    I will check it out this summer.

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