General Store in Kreuzberg: Hallesches Haus

When Hallesches Haus opened two years ago, I couldn’t understand why anyone would choose this nondescript area around Hallesches Tor to open up a shop and café, devoted to artisanal everyday-objects. To be quite honest, despite the beauty of the place and the very well chosen selection of goods, I feared their plan wouldn’t work, and they’d end up rather lonely in their pretty shop housed in a former techno club. Fortunately, my fears were unfounded. Not only did they add a lunch space and garden, but basically doubled the number of products, now offering the finest brands from all over the world, and being the absolute perfect place to shop gifts for your friends, family, and obviously yourself. I came back to take a new round of pictures, and a look into their current offerings.

The shop revolves around the idea of being a general store – which means that they offer a broad palette of refined versions of otherwise profane objects. From bicycle bells made from brass, to elegant watering cans handcrafted from copper by Haws, and sets of dustpan and brush hand made by the small manufacturer Iris Hantwerk in Sweden. Many of their products have become pieces defining contemporary Berlin interiors – like the green cactus vase by Serax, that probably makes up for the inability to grow cacti bigger than 20cm in the city’s climate. Or Authentic Models solar system mobiles, Erstwhile’s reproductions of educational botanical wall charts, and obviously Chemex’ coffee maker. The store is filled with smaller and bigger objects one might not necessarily need, but still – imagine this gorgeous hand crocheted hammock on your balcony!

Recently, they’ve added a range of groceries, like Mast chocolate, Minerva’s canned sardines, Nordur’s salt, Mengazzoli’s vinegars, pumpkin seed oil, San Marzano tomatoes, Berlin’s own Crazy Bastard hot sauces, and Koeze’s peanut butter, of which some people say it’s the best ever. Most of the products sold here are also used in the café and lunch room next door. A very spacious and airy hall, were it’s easy to loose your sense of time while munching down a bowl of the lunch special or one of the many cakes on offer.

Right now, they’re serving a water melon salad with cucumber and mint tzatziki, a smokey turkey sandwich with pickled red cabbage, cheddar and sriracha mayo, or a lunch bowl with braised green asparagus, steamed broccoli, quinoa, and orange miso dressing.

For this summer, Hallesches Haus is also planning a series of events, making use of their breezy outdoor garden space: Tuesdays are now reserved for tacos served by Ford Dimension, June 28th will see a ginger beer workshop, from July 7 to 9, Hallesches Haus is hosting the opening weekend of Berlin Food Art Week, and many Sundays are devoted to enjoying their secret garden, fine tunes, and good food. Subscribe to their Facebook page for more info.

Oh, and one more thing: the most recent addition to the shop is the British beauty brand Haeckels, which was founded in 2012 by coastal enthusiast Dom Bridges. They set out to make natural fragrances and skin care products from ingredients harvested on the beach, like cleansers, bath salts, incenses, and an exfoliating soap with seaweed, that smells just like the ocean, a block of bliss. And while you’re there, check Macon & Lesquoy’s insanely gorgeous brooches and pins, and obviously Juniper Ridge’s Big Sur scent, which will transport you to the Californian coast instantly.

Hallesches Haus

Hallesches Haus

Tempelhofer-Ufer 1

10961 Berlin Kreuzberg

Hallesches Tor

Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri 10:00–19:00
Sat 10:00–18:00
Sun 09:00–17:00


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  1. Bowe on


    “When Hallesches Haus opened two years ago, I couldn’t understand why anyone would choose this nondescript area around Hallesches Tor to open up a shop and café, devoted to artisanal everyday-objects.”

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen you mention the wider Mehringdamm/Hallesches/Gneisenau area in a good light, which makes me a little sad! There are some really good places that are low-key, authentic and worth checking out!

    – Tutti Island (amazing, cheap, fresh falafel with best peanut sauce evah)
    – Mutti Kreuzberg (authentic amazing German)
    – Castel Montecroce (Cremosa pizza = better than Zola)
    – Madang (very very solid Korean)

    And there’s plenty more of great places in the area if you get past the tourist traps at Mehringdamm and sub-par generic restaurants plastered across Bergmannstrs and such!

    I’m happy that the HAHA staff saw the potential and created something great after the amazing Horst club shut down. Great stuff :-)

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      BUT, you define that area way bigger than I do – I really only mean the area surrounding the Hallesches Tor. Madang is obviously great ( and I also like Blue Nile (, Alsancak (, and Chapter One (

      Thanks for all the other tips, will put them on my to-eat-list!

  2. Jackie Gordon on


    the place and design is view amazing. you can sit here and reading your book and drink your coffee . I was do that it is great place in berlin. I suggest everyone.

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