Bold in Berlin: Bread & Butter by Zalando

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While we’re currently deep into summery sleepiness and holiday talk, there’s nothing like the sweet anticipation of September, when the city reawakens with loads of events and parties. And this year we’re in for a treat:: the second instalment of the now better than ever public Bread & Butter by Zalando is coming up, this time the Festival of Style and Culture has a banging motto: BOLD. And while fashion is still the main focus – with brands like Viktor&Rolf, Topshop, Jil Sander Navy, Nike, and more –, music  – Bilderbuch, Hannah Faith, Yung Hurn and Quay Dash – and FOOD will make things even more exciting. A best-of street food vendors from Berlin, Germany, and Europe will feed us burgers and baos, coffee and ice cream, and loads more during the three day festival from Sept 1st to 3rd. Check the full program here, and don’t forget to order your tickets now! And for those who can’t attend: All fashion shows, talks, and selected music highlights are live streamed on B&&B’s channels.
Btw, you can also read my guide to food at B&&B on their website.

Chan Hon Meng of Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle, Singapore
Chan Hon Meng of Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle

Hawker Chan

Who would’ve thought five years ago, that a hawker stall in a food court could be awarded a Michelin star? Well, street food finally enjoys the praise it deserves, and so this one’s gonna be special: Chan Hon Meng is coming to Berlin from Singapore to present his unique dishes from his Chinatown stall Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle, for which he received a star last year.

Gorilla Barbecue

The mean green of this burger powerhouse’s truck is noticeable from far, as will be the satisfied smiles of customers with burgers in hand. The two-time Burgers & Hip Hop winners smoke their meat for over 14 hours, and hand-make all their toppings and extras.

Turbo Bao

Hailing from Cologne, this team is made of experts when it comes to steaming buns, filling them with all kind of delicacies to create Bao Burgers. And they have proven their skills on their many tours through all of Europe.

pancake staple with raspberries
Feiner Herr’s pancake staples

Feiner Herr

Rather unusual for a street food vendor, but now that they’re at it, this makes so much sense: Feiner Herr is on a mission to rethink an often underrated breakfast item: the waffle. Which, let’s be honest, can be enjoyed any time of day.

Jones Ice Cream

The cute mint truck of Jones will be easy to spot thanks to a long line of eager ice cream lovers. No wonder, Jones is undeniably the most delicious ice cream in Berlin – their small-batch, artisanal creations are bold in flavour and smooth in texture. Don’t miss their best-seller: salted butter caramel!

Five Elephant

Another darling of the Berlin food scene will be there to give you enough caffeine to keep you energised for everything that will be going on during the three-day-festival. Not only that, they’ll bring their uber-delicious cheese cake, which you will want to eat again, and again, and again.

Three cut open sushi-burritos with colorful filling
Subu’s fusion of sushi and burrito


Joining two beloved food items has often been a winning concept for street food vendors – this truck from Hamburg is fusing sushi with burritos, creating, well yes, Sushi Burritos – a roll of rice wrapped in nori and filled with crab meat, chicken, or tofu, and loads of veggies.

Festsaal Catering

What’s a food festival without pulled pork these days? Right, just a mere market. Festsaal Kreuzberg has just taken over an extensive in- and outdoor area just by the Spree and will be serving you the beloved star of street food.

2 Estaciones from Valencia, Spain

2 Estaciones

And last but seriously not least, this highlight directly from Valencia, Spain, is coming to treat us well. Acclaimed bistro 2 Estaciones will bring their best and boldest tapas, all originally Spanish but with a contemporary twist.


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