Brunch in Neukölln: Brammibal’s

French Toast at Brammibal's Café in Berlin Neukölln

It’s a well known fact that Brammibal’s is not only making the best vegan donuts in town, but the best donuts in general. But did you know that besides baking a plethora of ring-shaped delicacies every day, you can also enjoy an equally lavish while still completely vegan brunch at their place by the canal in Neukölln?

Well yes, their donuts are delicious and come in loads of flavours like chocolate peanut fudge, or filled with ganache, or glazed with strawberries and whatnot. But sometimes, one wants or needs a brunch plate before enjoying them as dessert, and Brammibal’s is here for that too: their brunch plate comes with house-made hummus, tomato jam, beans, tempeh and thick slices of sourdough. Enough to fill you up for at least half a day. And no, you won’t be able to eat their brunch plate and the huge serving of their french toast topped with loads of fruits, crunchy oats, so you better bring a friend (or three) to share, because you won’t be able to – and shouldn’t leave the place without eating one (or three) donuts.

Like with their donuts, everything’s made in house, from organic and fresh ingredients, so come early to avoid things being sold out, which happens especially on those rare sunny days.

What strikes me about Brammibal’s is the fact that it’s completely, uncompromisingly vegan, yet utterly focussed on indulgence than restriction, on delivering bold and sumptuous rather than lean and clean. While you’ll easily find either health-food pimped with so called “superfoods” or soy/wheat-mimicry of meat-heavy fast food in the vegan scene, it’s still not as easy as it should be to enjoy plant based food that is just.. creative and delicious without banking on the fact that it’s “just like meat” or “healthy”.
By the way, you should save the date: on August 27th I’ll throw a vegan and veggie Bite Club in Rummelsburg, celebrating exactly that: plant based indulgence!

Brammibal’s Donuts

Brammibal’s Donuts

Maybachufer 8

12047 Berlin Neukölln


Opening Hours:

daily 10:00 – 18:00
(or until sold-out)


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