Berlin’s Best Burger: Smoked Meat Special

Dance Battle at Burgers & Hip Hop

Berlin summer is a shit this year, but who cares, really – we used the little sun and warmth the current season gave us, turned up the heat on the grills, added some smoke, and created the hottest party of the weekend with the Smokey Soul Special Burgers & Hip Hop Block Party! We had six contenders in the running to prepare the most delicious bun fillings for the crowd to enjoy. In between, you guys danced your feat off in the OutBox Me dance battle, only to return to the very important task of voting for the bestest bun-creation later. As many burger-evangelist already noted, we were very, very open this time when it came to what can be called a burger, and decided to go all out for smokiness. That’s why this list will probably seem quite un-burger to some. Don’t worry though, the winner is (almost) a real burger – read on to find out who took the crown this time!

As per usual, votes and ranks are only revealed for the top 3!

Schlomos Bagel at Burgers & Hip Hop

The smoked turkey melt, caramelised onions and sriracha mayo of Schlomo’s Bagels came in between a bagel (obviously), which might have just been a bit too much not-burger for some of you.

Gorilla Barbecue burger at Burgers & Hip Hop

Gorilla Barbecue served a succulent pulled pork with their very own BBQ sauce, pickles and loads of spicy coleslaw.

Blackbeards burger at Burgers & Hip Hop

The Notorious Porker of hot smokers Blackbeard offered you three different flavours of pork: smoked pull pork, grilled chorizo and fried bacon, adding cheddar cheese, caramelised onions, as well as a bourbon-chocolate-bbq sauce.

Lino's Barbecue burger at Burgers & Hip Hop

Newcomer Lino’s Barbecue served you the Smokehouse Club with turkey brisket, their very own mayonnaise, dried tomatoes and a generous slice of Irish cheddar. This new beauty earned them 101 votes in total (and the most double votes of the Burger Feast ticket voters!), thus ranking them third!

piekfein burger at Burgers & Hip Hop

Last time’s winner Piekfein brought the Smokey Beat burger with pulled beef brisket, fermented plums, miso sauce, and pickled red onions. Which earned them 128 total votes and a deserved second place!

Khwan burger at Burgers & Hip Hop

This one was hard to beat though: hyped powerhouse Khwan brought a ton of charcoal black buns to fill them with bbq chicken, peanuts, basil, and som tam cole slaw for a spicy and intense experience called Original Gai-Yangster. This earned them 141 total votes and the winning title, congrats!