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Dreams do come true… I’ve always wanted to throw a street food party that was 100% meat-free, and the time has finally come: this Sunday will see the very first vegan and vegetarian Bite Club, with all my favorite street food vendors celebrating plants. Instead of clean eating, this feast will focus on indulgence – from the best burgers, to spicy salads, Sichuan noodles, hearty hummus, most delicious ice cream, and much, much more. I invited a couple street food stars who usually wouldn’t do vegetarian food, and challenged them to bring their deliciousness to the meat-free table. And all of this will go down at the beautiful venue of Funkhaus right by the Spree. Come celebrate the final summer weekend with us!

ChungKing Noodles, Photo: Julia Luka Lula Nitzschke
Kanaan Berlin Hummus
Kanaan’s hummus plates

Since we had the idea to throw a veggie Bite Club, one of our most important aims was to not make it a green and clean health food market, where avocado toast is served next to avocado toast sprinkled with chia seeds. Not only because the so called superfoods are way less super than the media and the industry wants to make us believe, but because vegetarian food is unfortunately often reduced to “the healthy option” and underestimated in its deliciousness, creativity, and diversity. So even if you don’t only eat vegetarian food, this one’s for you.
And if you eat a vegetarian diet, you can look forward to a street food party where you can eat errrrything! And if you eat vegan: we’ll have loads and loads for you as well! Here’s the list of vendors:

Bone.Berlin is very well known for its intensely flavored dishes fusing influences from all around the world – on Sunday they’ll be serving you zucchini pancakes with baba ganoush, a raw and vegan broccoli and cauliflower salad in tomato-maple-chili marinade, and pamboli, an Italian grilled garlic-tomato-bread with a slow poached egg! Burger super star Bunsmobile is usually not doing a veggie burger (or they only bring a few so everyone who’s late is out of luck), not this time: veggie burgers for all! ChungKing Noodles will serve you a beloved Chinese classic: Dan Dan Noodles, but obviously vegan! Indian street food maven Chutnify will make all of us very happy, as will bagel-expert Fine Bagels, who’ll stuff their delicious bagels with grilled eggplant and spiced pumpkin schmier, or ricotta, spinach, and an egg. You know about my love for Kanaan all too well, obviously the Israeli-Palestine joint and their best hummus is not going to be missing from this feast. I challenged another hyped player of the season to leave their fish sauce at home: Khwan will make a one-time-exception to their rule and serve us all their delicious Thai things 100% meat-free. As will The Future Breakfast, whose creations are delicious and well known as plant-friendly.

As for dessert, Brammibal’s Donuts is a vegan heaven for everyone with a sweet tooth and will bring tons of their super delicious donuts, Jones ice cream will bring the frozen treats and their fresh waffle cones, and Zwei Dicke Bären will be there to close your feast meal with their scrumptious sandwiches (as in: two cookies filled with ice cream).

I honestly can’t wait! We’ll have loads to eat, delicious drinks and fun music. Bring your blanket and all your friends and prepare for a feast to remember. Hope to see all of you there! Oh and subscribe to the Facebook event for even more previews during this week.

Sunday, August 27th, from 12:00–22:00 
At Funkhaus Berlin, Nalepastraße 18, 12459 Berlin

(No entry-fee, dogs and kids welcome)

All the vegan donuts of Brammibal’s
Bunsmobile Sandwich, Photo: Rebecca Crawford


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