Goulash in Kreuzberg: G wie Goulasch

goulasch and eiernockerl at g wie goulasch in berlin kreuzberg

It’s August, the weather finally resembles something like summer, and the city is slowly falling asleep. We might not have the real Italian or French vacances-shut-down, but it’s certainly a downtime, with shops and restaurants going on holiday. And locals leaving the city, while loads of tourists flock to the major sight seeing spots – so most Kiezes do feel quite sleepy. And while I’m not going to be totally absent, I too will take August to slow it down, recharge batteries, and explore the city from another perspective (outside of its borders). So here’s a recommendation I wanted to give you all along: a very pleasant restaurant on the quiet Chamissoplatz square in Kreuzberg called G wie Goulasch, made for summer night dinners.

This place is everything we all love about Kreuzberg: small and welcoming, polite and delicious, unpretentious and ambitious. Take a seat at the pretty curbside tables to enjoy the still fairly long and warm summer nights while munching their many Goulaschs, and sipping on a glass of Belgian Trappist beer. The menu is small and changes every month or so: one simple appetizer soup, one salad, several kinds of goulash, one of them vegetarian, a cheese plate and a dessert, that’s it. Currently served: iced yoghurt-cucumber soup with mint, beef goulash, and either chicken or mushroom letscho – a tomato-paprika-stew –, with either Eiernockerl, potatos, or bread; and a Rote Grütze with vanilla sauce.

Special praise has to go out to the dollop of tasty sour cream on top of my mushroom letscho, that tied the whole dish together: the earthy mushroom flavours with the fruitiness of the paprika and tomatoes, and the wholesome Eiernockerl, a kind of egg noodle – I seriously enjoyed it.

G wie Goulasch

G wie Goulasch

Chamissoplatz 1

10965 Berlin Kreuzberg


Opening Hours:

Tue–Sun 18:00–23:00