French Bistro in Neukölln: Bichou

Quiche and salad at bistro Bichou in Neukölln

I’m not a quiche-person. One too many times, I was served dried out, overly eggy mixtures with small bits of veggies on top of a bland pastry in a café. And I bet you’ve had that experience too – quiche is the lazy cook’s excuse for lunch. But it actually isn’t – the pastry can be tasty, buttery, and crunchy, the filling bursting with flavors, melting in your mouth. And this small gem in a Neukölln side street ist very, very good at exactly that.

I probably heard about them because their Instagram account featured some stunning close-ups of purple kohlrabi, but I went because I was in the area, since the photos didn’t reveal too much else than “quiche”, and as said, I was wary of that. It’s indeed a lovely place and visibly a lot of effort has been put into renovating it to showcase the site’s features, big windows, high ceilings, wooden floors, a true Altbau-beauty. In the center is an open kitchen, much looking like the French farmhouse kitchen we all know from vacations and movies. The polished interior is unusual in the area, and does lead to the audience being quite homogenous: young, creative types.
Their menu is super simple and changes every week, two types of quiches, one of them vegetarian, a green salad and potato salad, a soup and a plat chaud (like pork shoulder with prunes, or pulled pork with cabbage and apple salad, or braised chicken with peppers, and so on).

And while the chard and goat cheese quiche I had was way better than expected (crunchy, buttery pastry, intense fillings), a real highlight was the dessert, a piece of tarte tatin, that just came out of the oven. The caramelised and juicy apples sat on a delicious crust, and I would’ve eaten three pieces of that. It’s a super nice place to spend a slow morning or a relaxing lunch break. I wish them all the best.



Schönstedtstraße 14

12043 Berlin Neukölln

Rathaus Neukölln

Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri 08:00–18:00


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