Seriously: Ten New Food Spots We Have To Try This Autumn

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It’s Autumn, you guys. So it’s time for loads of fomo before winter starts, plus: enjoying how the city comes back to life after a sleepy, yet not so hot summer. The Berlin restaurant scene is thriving, to say the least, there are places opening up left and right, many copycats, some overly ambitious lacking a foundation, but obviously also loads of great one who will push the boundaries and redefine what it takes to open a food place in the city. I’m definitely looking forward to trying all of these, because as usual, this is a list of promising new openings that I put on my to-eat-list for this season. In case you’re looking for even more, check the list for this summer or even spring! And if you’re looking for my current overall favourites in Berlin – click here. Enjoy, and please leave more tips in the comments.

Black Isle Bakery

If you had the chance to taste her goods before, I know you’ll be running to her store now: Ruth Barry worked on opening her own brick-and-mortar bakery for a long time now while delivering treats to many cafés in the city, and after a couple of hick-ups thanks to the mess that is the Berlin real estate business, it’s finally here: Black Isle Bakery now resides in Linienstraße in a bright shop with an open bakery. Barry displays her treats like jewellery on copper tables in a pure white and light grey space, and I can’t wait to taste her tarts and buns, cookies and loafs.
Linienstraße 54, 10119 Mitte, Tue–Fri 08:00–17:00, Sat–Sun 10:00–17:00


The most talked about opening of the year is this, without a doubt. Architecture duo Gonzalez-Haase turned a former gambling hall in gritty Wedding into a permanent space for the former supper club, and the interior is oozing that particular kind of minimal luxury expressed in exuberant use of oh-so-inconspicuously expensive materials. Only 12 eaters per seating can enjoy the menu Dylan Watson and his team create from the highest quality of product found in and around Berlin. A ticket for the multi-course menu is 135,- plus drinks and only available as pre-booking on their website – no walk-ins!
Gerichtstraße 54, 13347 Wedding, Wed–Sun from 19:30 (only pre-bookings)

Funky Fisch

I don’t wanna make any assumptions as to what inspired the name of this place, but since it’s Duc Ngo’s 9th (or 11th?) restaurant in the city, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t hint at the quality of the produce, but the combinations of dishes. Joining his Kantstraßen empire, Funky Fisch is located just next to 893 Ryotei, and will focus solely on – you guessed it – fish. Whole fish, chopped fish, raw fish, baked fish, fish in bowls, in buns, in salads, as tacos and so forth. Fish is a fishy topic in Berlin, where we neither have a port nor a short connection to a port city, but if you want some, it’s probably best to leave it to Duc Ngo to lead a fish-movement.
Kantstraße 135-136, 10625 Charlottenburg, Tue–Sat 12:00–23:00


After years of more-or-less sticking to the same concept that worked really well for this small and cosy Italian restaurant in an increasingly busy part of Mitte, new owner Silke Obladen is now out to get it – after opening a delicatessen store just next to the original, this Autumn will see the expansion to the old West with a new restaurant just off Savignyplatz. Opening in the beginning of October, we’ll have to find out whether the famous fig-pasta dish is appreciated beyond the big park.
Grolmannstrasse 52, 10623 Charlottenburg


On the corner of Kottbusser Damm, Böckhstraße and Schönleinstraße used to be a pharmacy that remained empty for a surprisingly long time before the owners of Kaffeekirsche, the tiny yet mighty coffee roastery of Adalbertstraße, made it their second home this summer.
Böckhstraße 30, 10967 Kreuzberg, Mon–Fri 08:00–19:00, Sat–Sun 09:00–18:00


Sustainability in the food world is a big buzz word, everyone’s talking about producing less waste and wasting less. This new supermarket makes a step in the right direction by selling only “saved products”, namely veggies and fruits that have been deemed unsellable by others, and other surplus products at reduced prices. Their stock is still small, and the question whether the rather affluent Wilmersdorfer area is really the most deserving location to start remains, but this concept is all but to be supported.
Wilmersdorfer Str. 59, 10627 Wilmersdorf, Mon–Sat 07:30–20:00


Many artisanal butchers have shared the fate of artisanal bakers in the past years: Faced with overwhelming competition of cheap industrial products, they seriously struggled to keep their business alive, many of them had to shut down which will eventually lead to a loss of knowledge and tradition. Kumpel & Keule set out to save the craft of butchering and revive the appreciation of meat products with a shop inside of Markthalle Neun. Ramping up their efforts, they’re about to open a restaurant close by where their mission will be brought onto dishes served in a casual dining experience.
Skalitzer Straße 97, 10997 Kreuzberg, Opening end of October

To The Bone

In the former location of Hartweizen, a true Italian place opened its doors just now and it’s very promising: it’s the new project of Giacomo Mannucci of To Beef Or Not To Beef fame, and will, thus, focus on prime-meats but also add a pasta menu featuring fresh and hand made noodles prepared by a Pastaia from Emilia Romagna later this Autumn. I’d say this one has a high potential to become your favourite place to eat away all your winter feels.
Torstraße 96, 10119 Mitte, Mon–Sun 18:00–24:00

Night Kitchen

In a location many would’ve probably deemed “too difficult”, Shaul Margulies of Zenkichi went onto his next gastro-adventure and opened Night Kitchen together with Gilad Hiemann, who established a similar restaurant by the same name in Tel Aviv five years ago. The menu is a mix of mediterranean dishes designed to share as a group, and you probably won’t have to go elsewhere after, the bar is ready to host you for the rest of the night.
Oranienburger Str. 32, 10117 Mitte, daily from 17:00

Dion & Gefolge

It’s probably been only a matter of time until an “upscale Späti” opened in this part of Kreuzkölln, and their self description is just that: spirits, soft drinks, sweet and savoury munchies, as well as delicatessen for a last-minute dinner shopping await you in a bright shop just off the canal. They’re working with a lot of local suppliers and aim to create a shop just as neighbourly as your fav späti.
Bürknerstraße 32, 12047 Neukölln, Tue–Thu 10:00–22:00, Fri–Sat 10:00–24:00


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  1. Christian on


    You forgot about the new Japanese Restaurant LIFE (former “Nansen” on Maybachufer). How could you ,?

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      It was on the shortlist (as many others..) but, tbf, it didn’t look interesting enough… It’s on my very long list of places to explore though –

  2. ernest on


    seems like stil in berlin lost its sense of finding gems… just another commercial site

  3. Christian on


    Kleines Feedback:

    LIFE (Nansenstrasse)
    Die Küche kann was, aber die Inneneinrichtung ist leider vollkommen verhunzt. Das war so ein atmosphärischer Laden, als es noch das Nansen war. Größtes Problem ist aber leider das Licht. Nochmal? Vielleicht.

    BRICOLE (Senefelder Strasse)
    Das Essen ist okay, die vegetarischen Versionen sahen arg karg aus. Die Kalkulation der Flaschenweine (mit Faktor 4) ist leider unverschämt. Nicht wieder :}

    ST BART (Graefestrasse)
    Lustiges kleines Pubkonzept mit vielen Naturweinen. Die Preise für Essen und Getränke sind noch okay. Sonntags gibt es wie in England Sunday Roast und z.B auchYorkshire Pudding. Auf jeden Fall wieder.

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