Pre Order Now: The New Map is Coming Soon!

I am super happy to give you an exclusive preview of the up-coming completely revised and updated Stil in Berlin Map!

The map presents a round-up of almost a hundred seriously recommended spots in Berlin to eat & drink, to shop, and to simply enjoy. Featuring only small-scale and independent businesses run by locals (albeit locals from all over the world), the map covers freshly opened restaurants like Thai newcomer Kin Dee, as well as old favorites like brunch powerhouse Silo Coffee. It’s not only about (justly!) in-vogue places such as the internationally renowned Voo Store, but I’m also showering love on less flashy places that still are very much worth your while — the brightly lit Chinese restaurant Da Jia Le, for instance.

As you can see from the sneak peek, the design a-mah-zing (thanks to Fondazione Europa), plus the map reveals some of my most beloved destinations to shop for fashion, beauty, interior design, and books. So whether you’re a proud Berlin resident or a temporary/prospective one, let this map be your guide!

And it’s now ready for pre-order for just 9,90 Euro! By ordering now, you’re not only making sure to get the map as soon as it’s out mid of November, but you’re also supporting an independent publisher (that’s me, ha!) To make it a bit sweeter, I’m giving you 15% off your order! Use the code FIFTEENOFF at check-out to claim it.


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  1. Sabine on


    Hallo Mary, toll! Da hast du dich mal wieder selbst übertroffen! Einfach nur gelungen auch diese Ausgabe vom Guide. Wird direkt vorbestellt *g*

  2. jam T on


    Hii Mary, as the pre-order is closed now how i can order it… I think it will be a great help when i will be in Berlin…

  3. Rebecca Kramer on


    The people of Berlin are very lucky to have such great food hub. They really serve awesome dishes in the category that they provide. I am really a super fan of them. I will suggest the people of Berlin just a time their food and I am sure that you will become a regular tester after that.

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