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Brunch in Kreuzberg: Bunsmobile

Two years ago, I had a french toast in Berlin that was so delicious, to this day, I revel in the memory of its perfection. Soft and eggy, and at the same time crispy and charred, and just mega great. But it was only served for a couple of weekends in the fall of 2015, plus a one-day come-back at Stil in Berlin’s birthday breakfast market last year. It’s probably the hardest-to-find french toast in this city. So stop what you’re doing right now and listen: it’s BACK! Just for another two weekends, so better be quick and go book your table at Bunsmobile’s brunch take-over in Kreuzberg’s Nudo.

Escape: On a houseboat in Brandenburg

About a week before we were leaving for the boat, I found myself researching the warmest thermals and writing a packing list including woolen blankets and hot-water bottles. I was so, so scared I’d be cold all of the time – a circumstance I didn’t really consider when booking a couple months prior. And I bet you’re thinking the same: spending time on a boat in November? Why would I ever do that? Because: it’s a Bunbo and it turned out to be the most cosy, relaxing, and utterly delightful thing I’ve done all year.

Brunch dishes at Silo in Berlin Friedrichshain

Still Delicious: Brunch at Silo

While Berlin is regarded by most as a city full of options for brunch, I often face the conundrum of where to go on weekends. Like last, when I pondered trying a place I haven’t been yet in Prenzlauer Berg, or re-visiting one in Kreuzberg, I haven’t thought of much the last time I went… In the end, I decided to head for an almost classic: Silo in Friedrichshain. And it didn’t disappoint, it’s a reliable go-to when you crave poached eggs on toast. And more.

lunch table at ora in berlin kreuzberg

Lunch in Kreuzberg: ORA

It’s time to update a post that has been ever popular, but isn’t representative of what the restaurant is currently doing: Ora, the former pharmacy turned stunning café, has been growing so much over the past two years. They evolved the menu, ditched the mason jars and wooden boards in favour of fine china, added more tarts and cakes, and upped their cocktail menu. So it was time to go back on a grey autumnal day to give you an impression of the current menu.