Brunch in Kreuzberg: Bunsmobile

Update (Feb 2018): Buns are leaving Berlin for good, but before they go, they’re having a two month brunch fest at Nudo again! More info here.

Two years ago, I had a french toast in Berlin that was so delicious, to this day, I revel in the memory of its perfection. Soft and eggy, and at the same time crispy and charred, and just mega great. But it was only served for a couple of weekends in the fall of 2015, plus a one-day come-back at Stil in Berlin’s birthday breakfast market last year. It’s probably the hardest-to-find french toast in this city. So stop what you’re doing right now and listen: it’s BACK! Just for another two weekends, so better be quick and go book your table at Bunsmobile’s brunch take-over in Kreuzberg’s Nudo.

Looks like dinner, but is actually brunch…

I’m not kidding you, this french toast is important. Made from a very thick slice, topped with poached pears, a quenelle of thick cream, and drenched with a deliciously dark caramel sauce, it’s the perfect mix of burnt and sugary, soft and crispy, with the cream and pear cutting through all the heavy notes.
But, it’s not only that – their other dishes are very close to what my perfect brunch meal looks like as well. Prior to the toast, I very much enjoyed the English muffin filled with creamy scrambled eggs and earthy mushrooms (9,50 Euro), and my company relished the ham served with horseradish and a yolk on top of a thick brioche (12,00 Euro).

There’re also oysters as well as fried chicken with pancakes, and loads of boozy brunch drinks and wine. While the space isn’t particularly brunch-friendly with its rather dark interior – it’s, in the end, a place designed to have a long Italian dinner in – and the service can come across as quite confused yet super friendly, I will be back at least once to have another french toast before they disappear again.

Bunsmobile’s brunch take-over is happening Saturday and Sunday the next two weekends at Nudo in Kreuzberg, more info here. Book your table at



Lausitzer Platz 10

10997 Berlin Kreuzberg

Görlitzer Bahnhof

Opening Hours:

daily 18:30–24:00


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