Coming Up: ChungKing Noodles

Oh yes, it’s cold outside. And what we Germans call ungemütlich, which is so much more than uncomfortable, more like the opposite of cosy, a complete lack of comfort… What helps, you ask? A big bowl of spicy and numbing Chongqing Noodles! They’re rare in Berlin, I only know one place to get them: at ChungKing Noodles, who’re having a pop up next week in Prenzlauer Berg!

ChungKing Noddles is run by Ash Lee, who you might already know from her insanely delicious Chī Fàn supper clubs. She set up her noodle business during the summer at various Bite Clubs, but since this hot dish is really needed during the winter, she’ll do a couple of pop-ups in the coming months. The next one is happening on Monday at The Hidden in Prenzlauer Berg, where she’ll take over the lunch service with her spicy bowls.
Now when I say spicy, I seriously mean spicy. This dish originates in Chongqing, a major city in southwest China. Ash prepares her version with her own chili oil, combined with noodles, her own broth, a number of condiments, and your topping of choice (either veggie or not). It’s a dish I sometimes struggle to eat, it’s so spicy, but I can’t ever stop to try, because it’s also much more than only spicy – there are so many different levels of flavours, it surprises me all the time. Can’t wait for next Monday!

Ash with a bowl of her well stirred Chongqing noodles.


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